The Success Story of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the Field of Medicine

It is common knowledge to understand that the scientific field is broad and demands dedication from those that practice it. The profession also demands them to always follow stick guidelines and rules which enable them to accurately solve issues. The reason is that any particular mistake made could result in the loss of lives. It is, therefore, more of passion and commitment rather than a mere profession.

Notably, Mikhail Blagosklonny is among such scientists whose career is in the medical field His studies are in conjunction with aging and cancer. Formerly, he served as the Oncology Professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute which is situated in New York and learn more about Mikhail.

The successful journey of Mikhail Blagosklonny has its roots in his effort and success in his academics. In consideration of his success journey alongside education, he studied at the St. Peterburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University. It is from the same University that he managed to acquire his Master’s Degree as well as Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Additionally, his Masters dealt with Internal Medicine. As well, the focus in the course of his Ph.D. was in line with Experimental Medicine and Cardiology and more information click here.

Following his performance in the duties assigned to him, he got the appointment to the position of an associate professor in the medicine department at the New York University College. He would, later on, get promoted to become the senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute which is located in New York’s Albany. He gave service in this position till the year 2009 when he became a full professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp .

The interests of research that Mikhail Blogosklonny include but not limited to cancer as well as the targeted cancer remedies. The objective of the latter is to facilitate the protection of the healthy cells against damage inclusive of the essential aging mechanisms as well as the drugs that promote anti-aging.

It is remarkable that he has created a hypothesis concerning the potential of TOR’s role with cancer and aging. The proposal of the entire process entails the use of rapamycin which is a common drug for cancer that facilitates life extension. The consideration currently categorizes him as one of the advocates that are most passionate concerning the enduring research of rapamycin and read full article.

Additionally, Mikhail carries out the role of the editor in chief concerning aging, the Oncotarget as well as the Cell Cycle. The role adds up to that of working as an associate professor.

As at now, Mikhail is an individual with a lot of respect in the Medicine field. Through his research, guidance and leadership positions, the implication is that his contributions in the course of his duty will go a long way in making the society a better place to live for this and other generations to come.

Under the aging hyperfunction, he is an author of many publications which adds up her role in conjunction with cyclotherapy as well as chemotherapic engineering. He has an outstanding capability towards oncology.

His research also opens the way for other researchers to carry it out further and improve on where possible. That gives the implication as to why he is among the finest scholars of Oncology globally.

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