The Fagali Airport – A Small and Comfortable Experience

The Fagali airport is a small and comfortable airport with much to offer its guests. Three things [of many] makes this airport comfortable: its customer service team, the fact that it’s just in walking distance from Apia and the fact that its waiting area is always nicely maintained. Once you’ve visited the airport, you will understand its adequate comfort level. So many positive reviews flood review boards and there are more to come.

The Fagali airport has an awesome customer service team. Their training regimes are paramount, making them the creme of the crop in excellence. A culture of Samoa is exhibited through the staff, shedding a light of friendliness, energetic spirit of helpfulness and intelligence in which can solve a bundle of your most troublesome concerns. Great attitude, great spirit and a great professionalism awaits you from the staff at the Fagali’l airport.

The fact that the Fagali airport is just a hop and a skip from Apia speaks great measures. Apia is home to multiple beautiful white sand, clear blue water beaches that brings in tens of thousands of visitors per year. Not to mention it’s artistic cathedrals and museums, volcanoes and jungles, Apia is definitely the place to tour for adventure and great fun for the entire family. Knowing that you do not have to travel 30 + miles to get to the city that you’re visiting from an airport, graces visitors with sheer convenience.

And unlike many airports around the land, the Fagali airport invests heavily in their maintenance crew to keep the place’s cleanliness matters under complete control. After visiting the airport’s convenience store, some of us have time before our flight or ride arrives, so we need a place to wait to enjoy our snacks, beverages or new iPhone headphones. The waiting area is available for your convenience and is properly dusted, vacuumed, wiped, etc. to keep those sickly bacterial elements from entering into our bodies.

Take a trip the Fagali airport today, enjoy some fun under the sun in Apia.

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