The Achievements Of Gregory Aziz At National Steel Car To The Economic Sector

Gregory James Aziz is accomplished his degree cause in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Because of him being specialized in the field of economics, he was able to handle matters concerning social sciences including management and good relationship with the customers because he was in a position of studying their tastes in consumptions and also what they preferred.Greg Aziz did not waste his time, and his urge in the field made him work with his family in matters dealing with business.


1He used his skills obtained during his training at the university and applied it to that field of activity that later resulted in the success of the company. His experience made the family business to be the top among other business. This success did not make Greg J Aziz stop at this point. He further on went to work in bank sectors where he was able to have some investment. Working in bank enabled him to own the National Steel Car as his enterprise. Being an economist, he finds it easy to manage the company because he had several experiences obtained from where he started from education and working experience as an entrepreneur and investor.


At the National Steel Car, he worked under specific goals, policies, standards and core value to for the best of the company and the members. Proper management, teamwork, and specialized engineering abilities helped National Steel Car to come out being the best as compared to others. Studying what customers preferred and working towards it made the company ranked best since then till now. The National Steel Car deals with manufacturing of freight cars. Freight car manufacturing is not only done by National Steel Car company, but also other companies perform the same duties. Greg Aziz learned about how to become competitive in the market, and one of them is product differentiation.


Aziz’s products were well designed in its unique way, and this is one of the primary reasons as to the way it was able to penetrate the competitive market controlled by forces of demand and supply. This increase in need of his products which are cars had a positive impact in that it leads to the creation of more job opportunities on that he was able to employ more workers to increase supply and in so doing he contributed to economic growth by opening job opportunities and contributing to Gross Domestic Product of a country. Currently, at the company, he is the Chief executive officer, the president and the chairman of the company. Find Related Information Here.

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