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Many customers have complained about the excess fees being access by their current financial institution, and NexBank has answered the call with little to no back fees for their active members. They are based in Dallas, Texas and has taken a local and nationwide initiative to build the trust back in financial opportunities. Their superior financial services include programs that are completely unmatched by the competitors. For example, they have taken a partnership with local Habitat For Humanity to build homes for low income residents. That’s right; low income resident of Texas with a NexBank mortgage account can realize their dreams of owning a home.

NexBank has the opportunity for their customers to save with features like their 1.9% interest bearing savings account. When you put money into your NexBank account, you can watch it actually working for you. They help the smaller guy build financial freedom with is paycheck. Their friendly team of over 16,000+ IT financial specialist understand how important it is for your money to work for you. They’re available 24 hours a day to discuss your new or existing account. In fact, your money is backed with the highest standard government FDIC insurance for added financial protection.

NexBank Customer Services

– Easily switch your money in between accounts

– Direct deposit

– Online bill pay options

– Free checks

– Multiple device compatibility

– Mortgage accounts

and more…

John Holt, is the current CEO and president, of Nexbank. He currently oversees operations nationwide. As the recent keynote speaker at a Texas Annual Strategic Financial Opportunity Conference, he says, they’re planning to expand their general counsel and leadership team to improve the services of their personalized customers. However, they proudly specialize in three core services including

investment, industrial, and commercial accounts. You’re invited to learn more about NexBank today by visiting their exclusive website.

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