Omar Boraie Helps New Brunswick Thrive

The company Boraie Development LLC and its president Omar Boraie are the main reason why New Brunswick, New Jersey is the living and thriving metropolis that is today.

Omar Boraie has wanted to create New Brunswick after the European cities that he fell in love with during his travels. When he arrived back in the United States and explained this vision to corporate leaders, they only laughed at his dream. While these were bright businessmen, they were not visionaries like Omar Boraie. They cannot see into the future the way he could. However, now that four decades of past, Omar Boraie has proved them all wrong.

According to, Omar Boraie has used his real estate company, Boraie Development LLC, to build up New Brunswick to become a hotbed of activity. During the last three decades, he has invested $150 million into the city so that it could begin attracting businesses and jobs. These investments have built up both commercial and residential sectors in the city’s real estate. You will never find this on the company’s official website, but when you look at the article on, you’ll discover that Omar Boraie has not kept single penny of profit from this $150 million worth of investments.

Sam Boraie knew that if New Brunswick were to grow, he would need to accomplish four goals. He would need to make New Brunswick a place where families would like to build a home. He would need to bring businesses to the area to create jobs. He would need to keep the current businesses staying in the city. Lastly, he needed to bring professional services so that New Brunswick was a robust community.

Omar Boraie was able to create a community atmosphere in many ways. One way was by partnering with Central Jersey Working Moms. Omar Boraie donated to them so that they could provide the community with seven nights of free Disney animated movies to the community.

Omar Boraie also spent time making New Brunswick more appealing to businesses. He did this by building class A real estate office space. This was so that counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, and lawyers would all have the appropriate office space they needed. For more details visit Bloomberg.

He then wprked with corporations in the area, such as Johnson and Johnson, to stay in the community so that they could provide jobs. This helped New Brunswick become a more robust area.

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