Mikhail Blagosklonny Uses Science To Find Cancer Treatment

For years, cancer has claimed millions of lives. Many families and friends have suffered in the name of trying to find treatment. Researchers, donors, institute managers and governments have invested in measures that facilitate the finding of treatment methods. Scientists have also made progress by investing in channels that will contribute to finding treatment. Mikhail Blagosklonny is one such individual. He has been working as a research scientist for years. Mikhail has embraced technology and its contribution to the medical field. Through science, he applies technology to disciplines that have traces linked to treatment.

Profile of Success

There is a global drive towards having a society that is free from illnesses like cancer. Mikhail has joined the masses through his excellent research skills. With the understanding that the world needs to be disease- free, he has ventured into extensive research that offers a window to reliable treatment methods. Mikhail proposed TOR Signaling. This is the target of rapamycin. TOR has earned him international recognition. As one of the advocates for this treatment therapy, he believes that every detail in the process should be taken into careful consideration during analysis and treatment. Mikhail explains that TOR prolongs life. Its over expression is however, not a good sign as it can cause tumors in cells.

Mikhail’s Contribution

In a different scenario, Mikhail is a chief editor for Oncotarget. This is a scientific journal that seeks to highlight diseases and their possible treatment. Mikhail has been editing this journal for a significant amount of time. He is trusted to deliver the right content given his experience. Through the journal, he has co-authored more than 140 articles with the right content on cancer awareness, treatment options, therapies and prevention measures.

Modern Technology

Mikhail believes that with the onset of modern technology, the community can be disease-free especially when it comes to cancer. He has therefore, dedicated his time and resources to research on oncology. His extensive research zeroes on cellular biology, anti-cancer therapeutics, clinical investigations, cell cycle, ontogenesis and the suppression of tumors. Additionally, he has made huge contributions to strong, reliable, cancer journals. Being an associate of numerous publications, Mikhail Blagosklonny has worked for PLUS One, American Journal linked to pathology and Journal for Cancer. To him, journals equal a great communication channel in distributing information. Through the journals, people get a hold of the wind and the contents of the same wind.


When awareness is made people can take safety measures as a means of protection. Mikhail is inclined towards establishing platforms for these safety measures. Having penned over 250 articles, he has dedicated time and effort to finding treatment. His publications have been used to initiate chemotherapeutic engineering, anti-aging treatment and cell cyclotherapy. Mikhail’s works go beyond research. He holds important positions as a career executive. At Roswell Park Institute of Research, he is a professor. His role in that institution began in 2009. His appointment was the best thing that happened to the school as he is highly regarded. Mikhail went to First Pavlov State Medical School for a master’s degree. He majored in internal medicine.

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