Clayton Hutson: being ethical is no guarantee for eventual success

Clayton Hutson appreciates the fact that it is very advisable to consider the diversification aspect when he carries out his work. For him, however, he does not diversify for the main reason for economic and financial stability. Hos diversification is to acquire experience in the different vast fields, which complement each other when combined. As a result, he can offer products and services which are of very high quality. That is why he is a sound engineer, a stage manager, a tour producer and an events production manager.

Clayton is a very considerate and efficient leader. He acknowledges the fact that, being in a leadership position means that those working below you would be looking up to you to show them the direction they ought to take. Therefore, even when he is on tour, he tries his best to get up before all other people. That way, he can have ample time to plan the day as would be required of him. It becomes easier for him to delegate tasks and the outcome of his work is almost always positive.

The efforts that he puts in do not go unrewarded. Being an entrepreneur, he has already established within his system that hard work would be the only way to thrive and to grow. he works hard and does not have to invest in any form of marketing because his efforts and quality work are spread by word of mouth. The base of loyal customers he has is therefore relatively large.

Clayton is a very principled person and works according to the rules and policies that he has set over time. He sometimes disagrees with the ‘ethical’ expectations of being in business. For instance, he disagrees with the fact that the employment process, especially hiring, always ought to take the typical HR approach. He believes that what ought to be considered, especially in the music industry, is the amount of focus as well as the amount of talent a person possesses. This way, there would be fewer hitches working, as the objectivity is common with that of the artiste.

Enthusiasm and objectivity have kept Clayton Hutson in the industry over a long time. As an entrepreneur, he has always believed that failure should not allow anyone to necessarily accept defeat. Trying, again and again, is what would drive one to perfection. This is what has made him thrive in the music industry, where he has succeeded in being one of the very few people who make this industry seem corporate. Learn more:

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