Susan McGalla Says Business Promotions Are Not About Being A Woman

Susan McGalla has over 30 years in the retail and business consulting industries that she has spent in executive leadership and coming up with new marketing innovations. Despite the fact that there are few women leading the kind of companies that she has, McGalla is not one to think of her promotions as a victory for women. She has been asked about it by various media publications in Pittsburgh, and every time she always tells them that her accomplishments are those of a person, not of a woman. It may have shocked the local media that she does not think of those accomplishments through the gender lens, but it’s because she says she was taught as a young girl that nothing would be earned by her being a woman.

Susan McGalla grew up in a small western Ohio town and got her bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College. She started her professional career at the now defunct Joseph Horne Company where she picked up quickly on merchandising operations and became adept at management. In 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she started as a local merchandising manager, but then joined the corporate team and took over regional merchandising operations. She helped launch several new fashion lines and became very respected at her position that soon she moved up to the company executive board and became president of the entire company. She spent a total of 16 years at the company and after stepping down helped start several other marketing consulting companies.

McGalla is a partner at HFF Inc., a Pittsburgh real estate brokerage and the current CEO of P3 Executive Consulting. She has also served with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and works with the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She also speaks at various business forums.



ClassDojo Application Applauded By Numerous Educational Facilities

Education technology is in the recent past one tangible investment that entrepreneurs are looking keenly into. Edtech investments are aimed to make learning more easier and fun, to all relevant stakeholders. Edtech has been reported to make great progress since 2015 and still very hopeful about 2017, considering the several startups in the market such as Classcraft, Nearpool, ClassDojo, among others.

These technologies have been aimed to change the traditional face of education to interesting online learning platforms both for the kids and the teachers. The success of edtech investments is traceable back to this factor as well as thorough testing, to ensure they are up to the task, before being released into the market for use by the educators and kids.

While investing in the education technology may seem like an existing ready market, most investors may fail to impress due to their lack of understanding of what exactly the educators and the kids need. It goes without saying that teachers understand best what works best in schools and thus the best people to engage before venturing into the investment. This is well evident with ClassDojo application, which has made communication among teachers, students and parents very easy and possible. ClassDojo has been able to provide solution to the existing communication problem in schools, where teachers and parents lacked a communication platform, to discuss the student’s progress without having to schedule for a meeting. Due to this factor, ClassDojo app has been embraced by several schools in US.

ClassDojo has also been rigorously tested, with the founders committing to work with edtech accelerators and make frequent interactions with teachers, students and parents throughout product designing.

Having a good education technology is an awesome thing, but can’t be great without an implementation plan at hand. Though schools all over can easily have access to internet, adopting a new technology has never been easy not only for educators but for everyone. ClassDojo has largely been adopted by schools, due to their consistent support to educators, who are still adapting to the functionality of the application.

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Nick Vertucci Changes the Game for Real Estate Investors

Nick Vertucci talks to a lot of people about real estate. He knows what it takes to build a successful real estate investing portfolio, and he urges others that have desire for knowledge to consider his seminars. One of the best things that people can do when they get connected to a professional real estate investor like Nick Vertucci is absorb the knowledge.

He knows the things that are going to help people make better decisions when it comes to investing your money. Everyone is not going to be completely engaged in all the things that it takes to build up a house, but Nick Vertucci can help people realize the things that they can do on their own.

All work does not have to be contracted out. This is one of the things that Nick Vertucci places a heavy emphasis on. He believes that people that buy homes at low cost will be able to gain a whole lot more money if they also take the time to do some of the repair work themselves.

Nick knows a lot about real estate, and he is well aware of all the possibilities that can come when a person takes time to take inventory of their own skills. More investors are able to build a better real estate portfolios because they know how to improve things about a home. Once a person invests in real estate they need to be able to do the things that are necessary to turn the project around so it can be sold quickly.

It is all about getting access to the home and doing the renovations in order to move to the next project. The thing that Nick has done that has helped him stand out in the real estate world is create opportunities for people from different walks of life to gain a better advantage on real estate investing. Nick knows about a lot of opportunities that people are able to discover if they become familiar with real estate. This is why he puts much effort into educating investors that want to know more.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble and Career Dedication

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an example of a powerful woman who knows what she needs. She’s the ambitious CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of the popular Bumble app. Bumble, in short, is a dating app that has a feminist feel. That’s because it motivates women to contact men first instead of the other way around. Bumble is nothing like other dating apps and sites that have made waves on the Internet in past years.

Herd was with many terrific people around the time that she first introduced Bumble. She had the assistance of an amazing business partner, first and foremost. Her husband was terrific. She’s now married to him. Wolfe even had helpful family members and employees on her side.

Herd was a guest speaker at the Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit located in Laguna Niguel, California. Fortune hosted the event. She told all of the driven business people at the event that they should use unpleasant criticism as an incentive to push ahead. Herd is the kind of entrepreneur who undoubtedly understands the difference between helpful and pointless feedback.

Bumble has been around since the end of 2014. It’s a company that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas. 24 million people have signed up to take part in Bumble’s services. It’s now offering another service that’s known as Bumble Bizz, too. Bumble Bizz, as its name communicates, accommodates the needs of determined people who work in the business realm. This service enables them to get in contact with other professionals who are part of their fields. Career-oriented individuals who want to be able to network well can benefit from the assistance of Bumble Bizz. This service can assist people who want to be in the loop about potential openings in their industries. It can assist people who want to get more familiarity with their fields in general.

Herd is an entrepreneur who operates in a seemingly “nonstop” manner. She’s never not on the move. She’s never not in the middle of the innovation and creation processes. This businesswoman wants to make online dating something that it has never been before. She wants to change the feel of modern dating overall. She wishes to streamline it and make it more comfortable and pleasant for everyone. Herd understands the value of a great personal life, too. She just got married in a wondrous and cozy wedding located in stunning and serene Italy and more

Brazilian Rally Driver Michel Terpins

Sao Paulo born Michel Terpins is known as one of Brazil’s best and most decorated rally drivers. He’s won most of the driving competitions he’s entered throughout his history in the race car driving industry. Along with his brother, Rodrigo, he won the 24th edition of what is called the Sertoes Rally, which is a racing competition he started participating in back in 2002 when he entered the contest in the motorcycle category.

He and his brother are part of a rally team that they, along with a man named Maykel Justo, formed in 2015 called Bull Sertoes. This team is considered to be one of the finest in the Sertoes Rally due to their keen skill, and the fact that they’ve won so many driving competitions. After winning the 2nd stage of the Sertoes Rally, Michel said that it was a difficult and exhausting stage to get through because of the mountainous terrain that was involved. But the powerful V8 engine that the team added to their racer handled the rough terrain adequately.

Michel Terpins took an interest in auto mechanics at a very early age, when he started repairing cars. Coming from a family of sportsmen, he developed an interest in racing and from there went on to enter many driving contests, including the Cross Country Rally, which he won in 2015 as a runner-up. His father, Jack, was a famous basketball player in the 1960s, and part of the 1970s. And his brother, Rodrigo, who is a part of his driving team, is also a skilled and talented driver.

The Sertoes Rally, which attracts many well established race car drivers, as well as enthusiastic fans every year, is one of the Terpins brothers biggest and most challenging driving competitions. Another race they competed in was the 2011 Mitsubishi Cup Championship, which was sponsored by the MEM Motorsport brand, a company that was responsible for developing the brothers’ racing vehicle known as T-Rex.

Michel Terpins’ exceptional driving skills and endurance in the racing world is one of the things that has made him so popular and admired by his fellow Brazilians.

Michel Terpins: Finally a Winner of the Sertoes Rally After Ten Attempts

The rally driving scene in Brazil has grown tremendously in recent years. Among the most popular events in the country’s rallying calendar is the Sertoes Rally. The rally has consistently been held for more than a decade and attracts drivers in different categories, including cars, motorcycles, and UTVs. One of the winners within this year’s categories of cars is Michel Terpins. The veteran driver took the lead early on in the T1 prototype category and did not once relinquish it.

Michel Terpins win was the first in ten attempts of trying. He first took part in the Sertoes rally in 2002 where he raced in the motorcycle category. In all the editions he has taken part in since Terpins has raced in the T1 category with a modified T-Rex from the MEM motorsport support team. By winning the 2017 Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins has also risen to the National Cross Country Championship overseen by the Brazilian Automobile Confederation (CBA).

The Sertoes rally, if anything, is known for its complexity and thrill. With seven stages covering thousands of kilometers, the race has claimed many drivers. The hardest stage of the rally is the 3rd stage which is also known as the marathon stage. Over the entire course of the stage, drivers are not allowed to ask for any external mechanical assistance. Consequently, making it through this section requires not only speed but also restrain and durability. A testament to his driving skills, Michel Terpins took the lead during this third section.

In highlighting Terpins’s big win, it is important not to forget to mention his co-driver, Maykel Justo. The equally experienced Justo has taken part in multiple races over the course of his rally career. Over the last two Sertoes rally editions where they have worked together, the undeniable chemistry between Justo and Terpins had been clear for all to see.

Michel Terpins is also quite fortunate to have a strong support team behind him in the Bull Sertoes Team. He founded the team a few years ago with his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins, who also happens to be a rally driver.

OSI group and their history

The OSI company was established in 1909 and is quartered in Illinois. Sheldin Lavin is  CEO and the have over 10,000 employees. They are a supplier of food and beverage help many restaurants. Not only do they operate in the US, but they operate in different countries that want to supply food to different cultures. Many companies tend to cut corners when they produce food but OSI has actually received awards for their work. In 2016 they received the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. They award is given to companies that have good management.

Its great that this is happening because they promote good business practices. In many cases people doing labor or corporate, don’t get to express the opinions that they want but OSI makes the exception. They are actually the first business to win a 5 star rating from the British safety council. They say they have done a great done a great job managing environmental risks and projects. Companies are criticized often for how they manage pollution, so its great to see a huge company like OSI set the standard for how it should work. Its great to see them doing the right thing.

If you live in Europe and you like the food OSI provides, then we have good news. The company has recently acquired Flagship Europe. This will allow you to distribute all of their food. They provide foods such as pies, mayonnaise, sauces and dressings. Russell Maddock, the Chief Executive of Flagship Europe stated, “This is another exciting and progressive development for Flagship Europe,”. Their goal is to serve to the needs of any customer, regardless of the country that they come from. Combining cultures often is a great often, one that isn’t explored as often as it should today.

Their timing is great. Though they have been in the industry for over a century, seeing how people socially interact with food has changed. People go to places like Starbucks and Panera Bread for internet and business meetings. Its not just for going into the store, taking money and leaving. They also offer different positions for their employees. They have a human resources team to make sure that people are satisfied with the work environment. They offer electrician and mechanic positions for working on their machines. They have many safety and supervisor positions to make sure that things are being run appropriately.

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TechStyle: The Company with a Mechanical Future

The most recent startup on the market is stirring the oceans of commerce and making massive waves. TechStyle continues to be developing a large disturbance in the manner in which companies operate in the tech world. Their innovative method of retail and branding have them growing well beyond the expectations of the masses.

Tech and trade have been bursting since 2016. The e commerce startups are avidly hoping to catch the sought-after section on the web of business and digitally informed consumers. The ideal way, they’ve found, for promotion would be to promote on interpersonal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, TechStyle has seen a much superior way of capturing and keeping clients. They’ve initiated the procedure for style subscriptions by offering memberships. The strategy has seen deep and magnificent success. They truly are devastating their rivalry from the online retail market and also have put themselves apart from the audience as tech trailblazers. The Co CEOs of TechStyle Fashion Group are Adam Goldenberg along with Don Ressler.

The set have obtained lots of powerful businesses and partnered together with actors. Fabletics has seen leading growth and remarkable success as it has modest beginnings.

TechStyle takes pride within their own normal use of technologies to boost their effective customer encounters. They purchase technologies of incorporating data personalization, science, and membership trade. They’ve already been incredible innovators of product and marketing selection by introducing an algorithm that functions as a personal shopper. The code computes your personality preferences by tracking your cart, beyond selections, and current choices. TechStyle intends to keep on moving with this technological breakthrough by purchasing machine learning algorithms and growing even more intelligent strategies for shoppers.

Indoors, you are feeling that the vitality of a booming startup throughout you. The managers and employees are almost always joyful and prepared to get the job done with. The Tuesday meetings are all available for many employees to wait and assess key performance metrics while asking questions that are crucial.

While there’s been discussion of a potential IPO, the firm remains tightlipped about those prospects. They like to keep shareholders guessing. They’ve had the opportunity to reach double digit growth year over year because of their heritage. TechStyle is coordinating the future of style.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have been known for their expertise and gradual success in the fashion and technology marketplace. They have been excelling since they were young teens.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Heart For Her Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American who works as a plastic surgeon. She is someone who helps to better the lives of others through the work that she completed on their bodies. Those who are unhappy with the way that they look can find help through Dr. Jennifer Walden and the services that she provides. The surgeries that this woman completes help to change lives. The surgeries that she completes help people to feel different about the way that they look and allow people to be happier with their appearance.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who understands what it is like for a person to be unhappy with the way that they look, and she is someone who has a heart for each of her patients. When she sees someone who is struggling with the way that they look, she is willing to talk with them about what they are feeling and to let them know that she understands what they are going through. She is not afraid of opening up and letting people know that she has been where they are and that she knows how hard it can be to be unhappy with one’s appearance and more

There are some surgeons who are better at what they do than those who are around them, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who is great at the job that she takes on. She was named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014. She cares about her patients and she cares about the work that she is completing.

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Jennifer Walden’s Commitment to Empowering Women Through Cosmetic Surgery

It is not a typical occurrence that you get to meet great a physician who is exceptional at giving back to the community while at the same time excelling in his/her fields. On meeting Jennifer Walden, it is easy to understand and relate her medical career philosophies as well as her perspective on life.

Most people got to know about Jennifer Walden two months back. Jennifer was one of the finalists in the Health and Wellness category for the Woman’s Way Business Award. Despite the high competition in the class for the award, Jennifer was one of the final three contenders being selected from a pool of women nominees that exceed 150. The women nominated for this particular award are exemplary business women running various professions within the city. Reaching the final three was an exciting and gratifying experience for Jennifer Walden as she runs an all centered women’s practice.

Jennifer loves working and running an institution that has the can-do attitude and philosophy. Her practice entails women helping other women look their best and also feel the same way. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an aesthetic plastic surgeon. Recently, Jennifer expanded her business’ non-surgical aspect of her practice. She was able to achieve this by relocating the MedSpa that was previously at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center to a different location that is within the proximity of the office block that currently houses her surgical practice.

Among the services that Walden provides include an entire body surgery, nose, genitals, face and breast surgery. All the surgical Procedures that Jennifer Walden carries out are done in her fully accredited operating room. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon. She received her certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Jennifer received her fellowship training in cosmetic surgery. Recently, Jennifer moved her practice from New York to Texas with an objective of raising her twins close to home.

Over the course of her career, Jennifer Walden has been an active member of the premier American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Other than this, Jennifer is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.