Why Highland Capital Management is Regarded as a Pioneer in Restructuring Loan and CLO Markets

Highland Capital Management is a prestigious financial services company with assets worth over $1 billion in management. The company’s credit strategies are offered to clients in compliance with SEC regulations. As one of the largest and experienced credit managers in the world, Highland Capital Management specializes in separate accounts, long-only funds, collateralized loan obligations, and private equity.


Highland’s alternative investments cover natural resources, emerging markets, and long and short equities. The company boasts a large client base in the U.S. and abroad. These customers include endowments, funds of funds, and prominent financial institutions. The company also excels in addressing the financial needs of high net worth individuals, government agencies, and private corporations. With its operational headquarters in Dallas, Highland Capital Management addresses customers’ needs on a nationwide basis. The firm has other operational offices in Singapore, New York, and São Paulo.


Brief History


Highland Capital Management’s success story dates back to 1993. The firm started serving clients in the financial sector with solutions tested by several credit cycles. Over the years, the company has been critically acclaimed as one of the pioneers in structuring CLO and loan markets. Highland Capital Management is also ranked as one of the most reliable CLO managers in the United States.




With over twenty years of experience in collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital Management stands out as an experienced company. Highland also stands out as a disciplined company because its professionals usually align clients’ interests with transparency virtues. The firm also adopts checks and balances for mitigating risks and volatility. This approach fosters accountability.


Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has remained independent and has become an employee-owned firm. The company also operates based on the owner-operator mindset. Its mission is to advocate and develop solutions for investors. This mission has always been achieved by leadership and professional teams that comprise of veterans. Highland’s investment philosophy when facilitating credit strategies, is to produce above average and consistent returns. This philosophy goes beyond strategic planning. It involves the application of time-tested investment and management principles. James Dondero is among the talented executives who are turning Highland into an investment powerhouse.


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