What Vijay Eswaran Thinks About Moments Of Silence

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has turned direct selling into quite a popular business idea in Asia and has even expanded his company QI Group Ltd. to the Middle East and some African nations. But he’s most interested in spiritualism and he’s written a 2005 bestseller on how meditation and silence practices can help you get through a day titled “In The Sphere Of Silence.” While the book is over 10 years old now, Eswaran said it’s important as ever because the increased use of cellphones and computers has led to less healthy habits among people. Eswaran believes by taking a break from technology and spending more time in silence and reflection, you can be more productive and live in a better frame of mind.

Vijay Eswaran was born to a Malaysian Ministry of Labor worker and from a young age became immersed in spiritualism and was taught why generosity and philanthropy are also important. He was a socioeconomic major at the London School of Economics and spent many years traveling across Europe and to the US doing various odd jobs. He stumbled across multilevel marketing jobs and started making some serious money doing those. He came back to Malaysia in 1998 and started getting involved in the industry even more, and he and a former monk named Joseph Bismark began what is today a billion-dollar multilevel marketing company, QI Group Ltd. Through this company Eswaran has promoted direct selling primarily through QNet, but he’s also invested a great deal in college education through QI University, warehousing and shipping through Quex Courier and banking and financing for businesses through QI Asset Management.

“In The Sphere Of Silence” is Eswaran’s primary book, but he also is the author of “In The Thinking Zone” and “On The Wings Of Thought.” He became highly ranked in the Heroes of Philanthropy list put out by Forbes Asia in 2011, and a few years later made the list of Asia’s Top 50 Richest. Eswaran is involved in many of India and Malaysia’s economic activism and has spoken often at the World Economic Forum. He’s also the recipient of Global Indian Meet’s award for philanthropy and business thanks to his contributions to RYTHM Foundation.

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