Vinny Parascandola Puts AXA Among The World’s Largest Insurance Companies

AXA Advisors is a branch of the AXA group and a major subsidiary of AXA Financial, inc, an American arm of the company. The branch was formed from Equitable life assurance society of America that was started in 1859 by Henry Hyde who left Mutual life insurance company to start his own insurance firm. It became a member of the AXA Group in 1992 with a donation of $1 Billion to complete its transition from a mutual insurance company into a stock company.

In 2006, the company made a periodic business agreement with Linsco Private Ledger (LPL), an independent broker-dealer. LPL would provide the company with clearing and custody service and brokerage on a transparent basis. The Atlantic branch is based in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area with offices in Manasquan, Morristown, Woodbridge, Nutley, and Staten Island. Lead by Vinny Parascandola and P. Nick Makriannis, it has attained great success and has been a recipient to many awards such as the prestigious Presidents Trophy. The company is also recognises for its philanthropic input through its contributions to research projects that look into solving problems that face the environment, society and human life.

He is responsible for sales, retention, recruiting, management, productivity and development of financial personnel. He began his career by acquiring a degree in science and began working at Prudential where he attained an award as the Rookie of the year.

From his position as the president of the Advantage Group, his co-management of the New York Branch to his position as the executive vice president, he is recognized for his leadership skills which have earned him several management awards. He is also a prominent public speaker, past president of Florida chapter, a member of GAMA and the past chair of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. With his leadership, AXA Advisors is offering the best financial advice for its customers and has helped the company gain recognition as among the biggest insurance companies in the world. More information on Mr. Parascandola available at Linked In.

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  1. Afterward, he proceeded onward to MONY Life Insurance Company where he held diverse administrative positions until the point that he joined AXA Group. The VP, Vinny Parascandola is one of the real resources of AXA Advisors. It is very good that essays and that is what they know about which is not a very nice thing to day too.

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