Vinny Parascandola and AXA Advisors

AXA is a multinational insurance firm that was established in 1817. It has its headquarters in Paris, France. The main focus of the firm is to give insurance services but the organization also deals in securities, investment management, banking and other financial operations. It has branches in 56 countries including America on the north and the central of the Eastern region, Western Europe and the Pacific region in Asia.


AXA was initially known as Mutuelle de L’assuarance Conte L’incendie. The name had been acquired from the acquisition of Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie in the year 1978. The firm obtained the name AXA 1985. In 1996, the firm acquired Union des Assuarances De Paris and became AXA-UAP.

The organization has gained favor in its market segment from their smooth operations, the dedication it shows towards its customers and the general ethics that it is based on. It has experienced consistent growth for 8 consecutive years with a 14% value growth in 2016. It recently rose to be among the top 3 firms offering the best and diversified financial services.

Vitali et al papers ranked AXA firm as the 2ND most powerful multinational firm based on services it offered, ownership and overall market control. The organization exercises a very wide market control and currently has over 157,000 employees. The firm continues to grow and is constantly looking for market worldwide to gain even a greater market command.


The organization is also involved in human development where it develops programmers and projects that focuses on educating people on how to conserve the environment.

AXA launched research projects that with a total of 230 growing researchers. The organization has also dedicated itself to support research institutions by giving financial help.


The organization is headed by Vinny Parascandola who is the acting vice president. He has been in the industry for more than 25 years hence he has the necessary experience. He began his career in the year 1987 as an agent. Surprisingly, he was awarded the national rookie of the year. He later joined Money insurance firm in 1990 where he worked in different positions and later in 2004 joined AXA advisors.

Mr Parascandola is well known for his good leadership skills and has received numerous awards. He has spoken to many companies on conferences to try impact knowledge to people aspiring to succeed in this field. His role in AXA organization is to supervise sales management and productivity. He is also responsible for recruiting, developing and retention of professionals in the financial field.


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