Thor Halvorssen’s struggle for human rights

Thor Halvorssen’s passion for human rights pushed him to launch the Human Rights Foundation. He is not known much to the common man, but unilateral dictators suffer sleepless nights on the mention of Thor Halvorssen. He is a challenge to these dictators because of his unstoppable passion and goal of eliminating violations to human rights throughout the world.

Thor has always been against unilateral dictatorship and does not discriminate against anyone. He is 39 years of age and applies any workable strategy to accomplish his mission towards human rights advocacy. He has different reasons for this fire that burns inside his heart; to see justice and human rights offered to everyone.

Halvorssen’s mother was from Venezuela while his father was Norwegian. His father, Hellum, worked as an ambassador in Norway under anti-narcotics sector. He was investigating a cartel when he got arrested. Thor lobbied tirelessly until his father was freed. His mother died in a shooting in Venezuela in 2004. Thor wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal explaining the incident.

After witnessing the injustices that led to the death of his parents, it is now easy to understand why he decided to engage in the advocacy for human rights. His mother died during a peaceful protest while his father was one of the political prisoners. He does not have only base his advocacy on politics. He is also interested in public policy, civil liberty, public interests and pro-democracy advocacy. He has always been against human trafficking and slavery because they undermine the human rights of the victims.

Currently, Thor Halvorssen is working with Bryan Singer on a film entitled The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He has had his opinions featured in the Washington Post, Time Magazine, the National Journal, the New York Times, and the National Public Radio among others. He has also appeared on television courtesy of BBC News, CNN, Fox News, Aljazeera and Hannity & Colmes. This is enough evidence that Thor Halvorssen is doing a commendable job in fighting for human rights. The Human Rights Foundation has made his passion a reality. for more.

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