The Traveling Vineyard And Your Success

The Traveling Vineyard sells their own award winning wines. The wines being sold at each party are exclusive and are not being sold in other retail outlets. People who love wine, want to show their friends a great time, and want to be introduced to new wines are interested in having free wine tasting parties by the Traveling Vineyard. Each wine guide will help the host plan their party and run the wine tasting table at the party. For each wine order made, the wine guide will make a profit of up to 35%.

In order to get started, a website is personalized for each wine guide. The website is used as a promotional tool, to sign people up for future parties and for potential team members. The site is free for the first 90 days, and then is $15.95 every month. A success Kit for $189, that includes all the accessories necessary and enough wine for two parties is required. Thereafter, each wine set of Traveling Vineyard is $75 for the following party, unless the previous party made enough orders to qualify for a free set of wine. Learn More Here.

An amazing training program is provided to each member. A mentor is always available, who can answer questions and help with the success of every wine guide. A Sommology Kit is provided with the Success Kit, which teaches each wine guide about the basics of wine tasting. There is also plenty of online learning available to anyone wanting to learn more about their home based wine tasting business.

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