The Passion and Strength of Jose Hawilla

Passion is the primary trait needed to be a successful entrepreneur. In an article by Forbes magazine, many of the traits are listed, but passion is number one. There are no entrepreneurs in the world who are in business for money. They want to make the world better by offering something that is close to their heart. This passion is what it means to be an entrepreneur. The single thing that you feel like you cannot live without is what you should be doing. The art, or business, or book, or app is what you should be focusing your energy on. Entrepreneurs understand that this is what it takes. They use their passion and throw themselves headfirst into their projects. This is how businesses are created and how industries are built. The passion of Steve jobs created Apple. The passion of Jose Hawilla created the football industry.

Passion can be cultivated easily. It is that thing that is closest to your heart. If you are not sure what your talent is or what you like to do, then start by looking around your room or looking at your internet history. The things that you surround yourself with will tell you your passion. If there is one thing that you search for more than others, then that is the thing you are attracted to most. The books you read and the shows you watch can also be sources of inspiration. The passion will come naturally once you have identified where your attention is going. Check out Medium to see more.

Jose Hawilla had the fortune of knowing what his passion was from the beginning. He had a passion for football. He believed in the industry in Brazil, and knew that it could be big. Jose Hawilla took that passion and drove it into the industry that it is today. He started his business in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it is still headquartered there today. Jose Hawilla is an example of someone that can teach others how to find their passion. He had many people who doubted him, but he was able to ignore them thanks to his passion. You can visit

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