End Citizens United: Fighting Money and Power in Politics

End Citizens United is a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to reforming campaign finance by combatting the devastating effects of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Citizens United v. FEC. This grassroots organization is fighting to reverse the impact of corporate special interest groups in politics while working towards legally ending the unlimited influence that the wealthy elite have over elected officials.

History of Citizens United

In 2008, the conservative political action committee or super PAC, known as Citizens United, sought to air a negative 90-minute campaign ad about Hillary Clinton. The ad was to be aired before and during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries. However, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) determined that federal law prohibited corporations from disseminating television or radio ads 30 days before a primary and required that all funding sources be revealed.

But in 2010, in a highly controversial decision, the Supreme Court overturned a federal ruling that upheld the FEC’s position. The court determined that the tenets of the law conflicted with the U.S. Constitution and violated freedom of speech. The consequences of that ruling have had a corrosive effect on the landscape of politics in the United States.

Corrosion of Campaign Finance

Eight years later, there has been an explosion in campaign spending. Billions of dollars, also known as “dark money,” flow into super PACs by anonymous corporate donors to ensure that one single candidate is elected. Trust in how government functions has eroded as candidates and elected officials are beholden to big business while the concerns of average Americans are ignored.

Plan of Action

End Citizens United has adopted a multilayered process in combatting the effects of the shocking 2010 court ruling. They’re committed to supporting candidates who make campaign finance reform a priority while working to reverse the court’s decision. In opposition to the unlimited money funneled into politics through super PACs, they use a digital platform for grassroots fundraising. This strategy engages donors personally and fosters long-term relationships based on a common goal while assisting candidates who refuse corporate donations.

Moving Forward

Although most congressional Republicans and the current administration have shown little interest in reforming campaign finance, there is a growing awareness among Americans about the negative impact of corporate special interest groups in politics. Government should work for the people rather than bend to the will of wealthy elites. End Citizens United stands collectively with local activists in reforming campaign finance and reversing the corrosive effect of money and power in politics.

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