Stay Styling With Creative Makeup Hacks With Wengie

Everybody loves makeup hacks! They are cheap and clever ways to look better, feel better, and find better ways to store your makeup. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of these on your own. That’s where beauty and fashion bloggers come in handy! Through years of trial and error, they’ve discovered what works! Wengie is one of those people. She has some of the best makeup hacks out there, all available on YouTube.


Many people in the world have trouble contouring their makeup. Even after years of experience and watching videos online, it can still be tricky. Wengie discovered that to get the best contour on your nose, all you need is a fork! All you have to do is position the fork on your nose, color in the middle line, and then blend! Nose contouring freehand has never been simpler all thanks to this hack with a common kitchen utensil.


Eyebrows can often be unruly. This is especially true when you wake up or when you’re outside all day. They can have a mind of their own and go any which way. Wengie teaches us that you can tame your eyebrows just by spraying a toothbrush with hairspray. Then, simply run the toothbrush through your eyebrows. It helps keep them on fleek even in the windiest of conditions. They’ll stay in place and look flawless.


Wengie is the same way and she teaches us that we can reinvent our expired eyeshadow! All you have to do is buy a container of clear nail polish, mix in the expired eyeshadow, and shake! You’ll have fun new colors. You can even get creative and mix colors. Add more pigments for stronger colors.


Looking for a way to do winged liner but can’t just figure it out? Simply cut a piece of tape into a 45 degree angle and line it up with the outside of your eye. Draw across the edge to create the line and then color it in. It’s simple and flawless everytime. Wengie says that she wouldn’t be able to do her makeup without this nifty little hack.

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