Scott Rocklage – Innovating the Life Sciences and Healthcare Management Sector

With over three decades of experience in the healthcare management sector, Scott Rocklage is the man to reckon with in the industry. Currently, Scott Rocklage is the Managing Director of 5AM Ventures, one of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology research firm in the United States.

There are many healthcare sciences and management companies that open up looking at the growing market, but it is not easy to survive and thrive in this field due to heavy competition. However, Scott Rocklage has ensured that every company he has headed and worked with can achieve great results.

Scott Rocklage has played a very significant role in the growth and expansion of 5AM Ventures and has also made it possible for the firm to get three of its drugs approved by FDA. It is a huge accomplishment to get three drugs licensed and approved by FDA for mass production, as it would certainly help 5AM Ventures rake in huge profit and also be able to make a name for itself in the healthcare sciences industry.

Scott Rocklage has made many changes in the business machinery of 5AM Ventures after he was promoted from the post of Managing Partner to Managing Director as he felt that such modifications would help the company gain a competitive advantage over its counterpart, and overall improve the company’s output and efficiency.

Over the years, Scott Rocklage has also held research and development positions at many of the companies he has worked with before joining 5AM Ventures. Presently, he is the board chairman of famous pharmaceutical company, Relypsa and Novira.

Scott Rocklage has also held the position of CEO as well as Chairman of leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar. At companies like Catalytica and Salutar, Scott Rocklage has contributed to its research and development department that helped the firm innovate and develop drugs that were of great benefits for patients of few particular diseases.

Scott Rocklage holds PhD from MIT and has done graduation in Chemistry from California University. Scott has the right combination of skills required in the healthcare sector to overcome challenges and succeed.

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