Revolutionizing Healthcare with Copa Star Hospital

Imagine of a diagnostic center that has been fitted with the latest MRI machines. Also, imagine of a neurosurgery facility that has been designed to handle difficult and complex cases while at the same time offering the patients with comfort and security. With such facilities, patients who would have flown abroad decide to stay and receive the medication locally. There is a hospital in Rio de Janeiro that is offering the highest standard of care using smart operating rooms as well as even robots. The hospital is called Copa Star Hospital and is offering services that are usually available in five-star hotels.

For instance, to understand the level of sophistication of technology being used in this institution, innovation has being incorporated to allow patients to control their immediate environment. The patients can control the lighting systems, air flow and even move the curtains. This is being implemented through the use of an app that has being downloaded to the patients’ iPad. With this iPad, the patients get to receive other information such as the MRI images and also communicate with the staff. There is a broadcast of the surrounding ocean on the screens found in this hospital. This allows the patient to relax and at the same time keep track of the cycles of day and night. Video conferencing technology has been implemented in the facility to help the patients recover from prolonged periods of isolation.

The environment within the hospital guarantees the patient that they will get better. For instance, a modern dining area within the facility has been designed and fitted with an exquisite choice of menu as well as comfortable seating. There is a main lobby within the hospital and has been fitted with artwork from notable artists. Noticeably, there is also a grand piano in the lobby. The healthy cuisine acts as an added advantage for patients who want to recover in the most natural way. This sets aside the Hospital from other hospitals within the area. Plans to expand the hospital to other regions are underway, and the first hospital outside Rio de Janeiro will be built in Sao Paulo or Brasilia.

The hospital has a huge social media presence and draws a lot of traffic on the same. The facility uses these pages to keep their followers updated on the latest updates from the hospital. The hospital has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Copa Star Hospital is owned by the D’Or networks and has Rodrigo Gavina as their executive director. For the good services that they are currently offering, the Copa Star Hospital is threatening to run other hospitals within the area out of business. Another thing to note with the hospital is that it provides special training for its staff.

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