Great Options with Town Residential

The creators of Town Residential wanted to make sure that they would be successful. To do this, they chose a great parent company, made the industry connections that they needed, provided excellent services to their clients and grew into different areas whenever they had the opportunity to be able to do so.


The first thing that Town Residential was secured funding from Thor, their parent company. The company offers funding for many different reasons but they had the capital that Town needed when they first started. This gave them the jump that they needed to truly get started with the business and offered them an opportunity that they would not have had without the help of Thor. It was a great head start that they got and it allowed them to be successful from the beginning of their business which has also contributed to this success that they see now.


When they started out, they made sure to network all the time. The networking that they did was a great deal better than some of the other companies because they had clients waiting before they even opened their doors. This was a great option for them and it allowed their clients to be happy once they finally opened up. The demand for their services was very high at that time and it only continued to grow larger as clients began to see the way that Town was going to suit their needs in the New York City real estate market.


One of the biggest ways that Town Residential sets themselves apart from other businesses is in the way that they treat their clients. They want their clients to be able to get what they need out of the business and they do this through their exceptional services. They make sure that all of their clients are happy and that they tell all of their friends about the services that they have received from Town Residential. This has allowed them to grow even further in the real estate industry and in the way that they do different things.


Town Residential never turns down an opportunity to grow. When they were offered a chance to break into the commercial real estate market, they took it. When they were offered a chance to do land developing, they took it. Because of this, they are able to continue to be successful. Their continued growth has allowed them to be the fastest growing real estate company in New York City and will continue helping them.


Why Don Ressler Is Among Celebrated Entrepreneurs Across The World

Don Ressler is a world celebrated entrepreneur whose mastery at nurturing startups has seen him attract young professionals looking for guidance on matters business and entrepreneurship. He boasts of several strong businesses that have dominated different online markets for years and his passion for building startups continues as he grows his empire. For more than one decade, he has been responsible for the establishment of several businesses that have earned him popularity for the success he has attained.

Ressler’s first attempt at business was when he launched, a company that specialized in the sale of products ideal for fitness and health. His venture performed well in the initial years and he was motivated to dive deeper into other ideas. He sold the company in 2001 and went about looking for a perfect idea that could accommodate his zeal for success in the online arena. Few months later, he Adam Goldenberg and they started working on their partnership on The duo began with the establishment of Alena Media, a company that stood out for offering reliable marketing services.

Few years down the line, Alena Media had earned millions and they thought it was time to raise funds for their next move. News Corp showed interest in buying Alena, so in 2005, they approved the deal and decided to focus their energy on other ideas that could create a global brand.

Establishing Intelligent Beauty
After a long session of brainstorming, Adam and Don Ressler decided to venture into beauty and health. They, therefore, established Intelligent Beauty in 2008, a company that has been growing continually and offering solutions in both beauty and weight loss. The SENSA brand of Intelligent Beauty offers weight loss products while DERMASTORE stocks skin care and cosmetic products.

About JustFab
Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg moved on with their motivation and energy and in 2010, they invested in the establishment of JustFab, a fashion outlet that allows membership and a subscription system on The retail has grown and become one of the most preferred online fashion retail across Europe.

JustFab has experienced tremendous growth for the few years they have been in business. Some of the achievements they have made include the acquisition of other businesses like FabKids, which although having similar names are operated independently.

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Using an SPF Lip Balm

Just like any portion of your body and face, the lips are prone to aging and damage from dangerous uva and uvb rays. To protect the youthfulness and volume of your lips it is recommended to apply a daily SPF to them. Applying an SPF lotion directly to the lips may be overwhelming and foul tasting. It is best to source lip balm products that are formulated with an SPF already.
Sun damaged lips can become cracked, dry and painful. Long term affects could include premature wrinkling. Although there are a few lip balm manufacturers that use an SPF in their formula, many of them are chock-full of chemicals and preservatives.

The Evolution of Smooth offers a wide range of all natural lip balms that improve the quality of the skin over repeated use. They currently offer 2 flavors of Active Protection Lip Balm, Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit. Both of these SPF infused lip balms protect, soften and hydrate the lips.

The EOS Active Protection Lip Balms offer 80 minutes of water resistant protection. The Skin Protection Factor is at 15, thus providing a broad range of active protection from the harmful rays. As with all of their lip balms, these ones are made with all natural oils and are infused with important skin nourishing vitamins such as E and A.

As we make an effort to protect the beauty of our skin, we should not forget our lips. Be mindful of the brands you use and make sure the lip balm’s SPF is at least 15. It should also be resistant to sweat and water. Their products are available online on and Check out for more information .


NYC Real Estate for the Wealthy


People that come to live in New York will notice one thing early. The cost of living is a lot higher than other places. There is a reason for this. It all has to do with all the entertainment and the job opportunities that are here. People flock to the city because the economy growth is amazing, but this also equates to a high cost of living. In addition to all of this, there are many wealthy residents that are looking for property. Grand estates have been built in NYC to accommodate the needs of those that acquire this type of NYC real estate throughout this fascinating metropolitan area.

Wealthy people like to get with TOWN Real Estate has a lot of NYC real estate. This is one of the hottest real estate companies in the city. Thousands of properties are listed through TOWN Residential, and people that love Manhattan will not be disappointed by all the NYC real estate that is available.

Manhattan is a place that caters to the wealthy. There are some high dollar estates and upscale restaurants that make this part of NYC a worthy investment. There are many areas that people can consider. It all just depends on the type of area that people are interested in living in. In Tribeca there are some nice apartments to consider. There are some loft real estate properties that are also quite interesting as well. There are places like Battery Park that has some properties that are close to restaurants or certain work locations.

NYC real estate has lured wealthy people because there are many grand properties here. It is has been quite interesting to see the benefits of TOWN Residential because this company has evolved with a large number of realtors to cover a plethora of areas. People that have access to the Internet can view a number of different properties that are available with TOWN Residential.


The Wealth Wave Strategy Offered By Jim Hunt

Wealth Wave is an effective strategy that everyone can use to make money from descending stock market. Jim Hunt, who is the proud founder of the strategy, serves as the advisor to VTA Publications. When the stocks market starts to fall, a majority of people fail to realize that money is still there, and is not destroyed. Rather, it is just transferred to someone else or somewhere else.

VTA Publications is a well-established organization, which specializes in spread betting, and it provides its clients with vanguard information. The skilled professionals at the firm teach people how they can make money in the stocks market and showing them how to note the perfect time to make a move as well. Jim Hunt and his adept team of experts missions to hold the hands of their clients throughout the complete process, while keeping in touch with phone calls and emails.

With the experience and knowledge of the experts at VTA, people should not underestimate themselves even if they have never engaged in the stocks market previously. The clients leveraging the Wealth Wave strategy will automatically benefit from various materials such as webinars and DVD training videos, which they can utilize to realize substantial profits from the falling stocks market.

Jim Hunt encourages people not to doubt themselves based on the knowledge they require to become profiting traders. Inherently, individuals can utilize the DVD videos, which are easy to comprehend as well as JIm Hunt and his team of professionals to hold their hands.

Leveraging the tried and tested signals is the key to benefiting from Wealth Wave. The signs are effective in indicating signals when there are teetering money on the stocks market’s edge as well as when the market is about to fall.

VTA Publications Ltd. is one of the well-known non-fiction publishers of distance learning courses as well as event organizers dealing with specialized genres. Founded in 2012, the organization has established itself as a trusted brand name in the industry, and it currently has thousands of loyal clients under its umbrella.

InnovaCare Health and Strong Medical Care Practices

Medicare Advantage plans can be beneficial for people who want to learn more about physician practice resources. Medicare Advantage is the name of an American medical insurance program. It’s classified as being part of Medicare’s Part C division. Private insurance firms provide Medicare Advantage Plans to patients. These plans, however, have permission from Medicare. Medicare makes payments to these private insurance firms on a monthly basis. The firms, in turn, take care of patients’ medical costs. They abide carefully by guidelines that are established by Medicare, too. People can choose between many diverse options in Medicare Advantage plans. Examples of these plans are SNPs (Special Needs Plans), HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations), MSA (Medical Savings Accounts) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations).

InnovaCare is a company that specializes in the realm of healthcare management. It concentrates on healthcare management by giving people access to first-rate Medicare Advantage and Medicaid options. The company also creates advanced provider network arrangements. Innovacare Health is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey not at all far from the heart of New York, New York.

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InnovaCare Health has an extensive leadership division. Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA is its Chief Executive Officer and President. He worked at Aveta Inc. before joining the team at InnovaCare Health. He’s an alumnus of the University of Redlands, the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the University of California at Irvine.

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The Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She’s been working in the healthcare world for two plus decades at this point. She knows a lot about managed care and the government. Kokkinides is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Public Health, New York University and Binghamton University. She studied diverse subjects such as public health, substance abuse, social work, classical languages and biological sciences. Other hard-working executives who are part of the InnovaCare Health staff are Chief Financial Officer Douglas Malton, Chief Information Officer S. Bhasker, Chief Actuary Officer Jonathan A. Meyers, General Counsel Christopher Joyce and Chief Accounting Officer Michael J. Sortino.

The top goal at InnovaCare is to prioritize patients above all else. The team at InnovaCare Health strives to give patients world-class medical care access no matter what. The company focuses heavily on strong teamwork practices.


Brad Reifler’s Enthusiasm for SEC to Modify the Definition of Accredited Investors

Brad Reifler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital is enthusiastic about the Securities Exchange Commission modifying the definition of accredited investors. He has concerns for non-accredited investors inability to invest in securities and turn their savings into profits as accredited investors. Under SEC rules and regulations, accredited investors are provided protection, whereas, non-accredited investors receive no protection. Mr. Reifler learned this first hand after providing services to net worth individuals who earned $200,000 or more, for many years. He realized that nearly half of the working middle class Americans are able to save $6,000 annually.

The goal of Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital is to offer investment opportunities to the 99 percent of Americans whose net income is less than $200,000. They seek ways to help those individuals increase their savings, whether $2,500 or $50,000. Fore Front is now focused on non-accredited investors and wants the definition of accredited investors to be modified. Reifler’s Marketwired Announcement in December 2014, according to Yahoo! Finance, stated Fore Front is offering investment opportunities to non-accredited investors with savings of $2,500 and above. He formed the Forefront Income Trust for them with minimum risks.

SEC Investor Advisory Committee recommended the SEC update the definition of accredited investors; and remove the current income and net worth tests and replace them with sophisticated finance measurements. Since the recommendation request in October 2014, a Report on the Review of the Definition of Accredited Invest was released by the SEC Investor Advisory Committee on December 18, 2015. The committee suggested the Commission revise the definition to identify individuals who qualify as accredited investors. The recommendations were to consider criteria, including minimum amount of investments; professional credentials; investment experience; employees of private funds expertise; and pass an accredited investor examination.

Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital Markets, Fore Front Management Group, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Management. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, as per Wikipedia, and sold the business eight years later. His goal to meet the demands of non-accredited investors motivated him to start a trust that caters to individuals with savings of $2,500 or more.  See Brad talk about his company, and his plans on Twitter @BradleyR.