NGP VAN and Their Voter Data Management Platform Can Be Vital to a Successful Political Campaign

An important tool for an election campaign is the campaign rally and NGP VAN, Inc. offers advice on how to pull off a successful rally that can bring in the votes.


Timing is important. A rally introducing your campaign to the public can be valuable and rallies can also energize your supporters and even encourage them to volunteer for your campaign. Rallies can also get you media coverage that gets your message out to a wider audience. But mostly rallies are reserved for the final couple of weeks before an election when the enthusiasm generated can translate directly into votes.


You will need to determine when and where to hold your rally. NGP VAN says that timing and location can be crucial. Important logistics have to be considered including adequate parking, accessible venue and the number of supporters you expect to attend so you can know the size of the location necessary.


NGP VAN has developed an integrated data management platform that is available to national as well as smaller regional Democratic campaigns. These tools can assist campaigns in determining the persuadable voters and the die-hard supporters and have canvassing or phone calls directed based on that information. It can also help determine the size of the base of your support and where that base is located.

Once you’ve determined where to hold your rally things like the sound system and visuals are very important. NGP VAN suggests you want to be heard clearly throughout the location and you’ll want campaign signs handed out to attendees as well as having a row of enthusiastic supporters behind the candidate holding those signs that give the press plenty of photo opportunities.


The candidate’s speech should be concise and brief conveying the top issues of the candidate. Additionally, an emcee may be desirable and/or a prominent local citizen who can endorse the candidate can be helpful in bringing in the votes.


Finally, advertising is critical. Print flyers to hang around the local area. Utilize social media to spread the word and contact local radio stations. Be sure to send out a press release a few days beforehand.



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