New Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

For many years Lime Crime has been offering unique and innovative beauty products. Most recently they have launched their brand new Unicorn Hair which is a semi permanent fantasy hair color. The Unicorn Hair color was designed by Doe Deere the CEO and founder of Lime Crime. She spent close to three years trying to create the best colors and formula. Continue reading to find out what makes Unicorn Hair so special.


One of the best things about Lime Crimes Unicorn Hair is the variety of great colors they have to offer. They offer everything from neon blue, to light pink and even gray. Some of the other top colors include mauve, green, orange and even purple.


Another very unique and interesting thing about the Unicorn Hair is the fact that they are a vegetable dye that was formulated with only the purest and finest ingredients. Each and every Unicorn Hair dye is vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. It is made from all vegan ingredients that will never damage or harm the hair.


Unicorn Hair is a semi permanent color that is made to wash out over time. It is very simple to use and takes very little time and supplies to apply. As with any hair dye you simply apply the dye to clean, dry hair and massage the color into each and every strand you want covered. The amount of time you leave the dye on will depend on how intense you would like the hair color. For very intense long lasting results Lime Crime recommends leaving the dye on for one to two hours. For more pastel light results it is best to wash the dye out after 30 minutes. Since the Unicorn Dye is a semi permanent dye it will gradually begin to fade over time. As the dye begins to fade hair will not become dry and damaged like it does with other hair dyes. Instead hair will remain soft and supple. The new Unicorn Hair dye is already set to be one of the most unique products that Lime Crime has ever offered.

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