New ClassDojo App Set to Revolutionize Parent-Teacher Communication

Recently, venture funding has been raised to fund the technology behind the ClassDojo App which provides parents with a direct line of communication with their children’s educators. This will provide a more constant and consistent line of communication that will be able to relay progress of the student in all of their activities. It will also provide a chance for parents to be kept apprised of their child’s development behaviorally and socially. That makes being proactive to issues of concern much easier.


In the past, teacher communication with parents has happened only at set times throughout the year. These progress reports may have been helpful to some but when issues developed over the year, they may not be addressed until that parent-teacher meeting is set up. Student achievement may be seriously compromised in the meantime. This is an idea for technology that is a long time coming and allows teachers and parents to work together in a more productive manner.


Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the cofounders of the app and since closing the latest round of investments in late 2015, they are organizing their team and making the final edits as to exactly what feature should be on the app. They want to encourage meaningful communication between parents and teachers throughout the school day. Parents should be able to use the app at home as well to be updated on homework assignments or other responsibilities. The app will be able to be used as a guide for conversations at home to support and/or enhance the learning that is taking place in the classroom. This is a revolutionary connection that should make students more productive and successful.


The easy to use app allows teachers to easily post the schedule of activities that will be happening throughout the day and to take photos and videos of those participating and quickly and easily send them to parents. The culture that will be created will be more of a team community between teachers, parents and students. Educators can also send examples of good work and keep parents updated on grades and progress.


ClassDojo has been a free app to teachers and is used in approximately 1 out of every 2 schools in the United States. They provide teachers with the ability to safely share wonderful classroom moments with parents. It has helped build a culture of cooperation between the three participants in the education process, teachers, parents and students. It is believed that ClassDojo could one day become a social media platform for education that is as popular as Facebook or Instagram.


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