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The Pain Will Not Last Forever

This is one of the core principles that Kabbalah teaches its students. They speak extensively about this at the center in Los Angeles. Pain is a temporary thing. It is up to us to do something about it. Read New York Times news for Kabbalah

One of the reasons why we face pain is because there are lessons to be learned from it. Pain is there to teach us something. We may have wronged someone in another lifetime. The universe is putting this pain at our doorstep to show us what it feels like.Visit https://www.kabbalah.com

We may have abandoned someone we love to look for a better life. There is no better life than with the person you love. Some of us take this for granted. We go looking and searching. This is where we find the pain. The universe is trying to tell us something. It is trying to tell us that we had it all and we left it. I know because I lived it. It was a hard lesson, but I finally did come around.

There is an old saying that some go by. If it is bitter at the start, then it is sweeter in the end.

Once our soul has learned what it needs to learn, the pain will go away. One of the reasons why some people continue to face the pain is they have yet to learn their lesson. They continue to look at themselves as a victim. Keeping this attitude will only serve to help the pain grow. This only serves the purpose of the pain, not our true purpose. I have been there. Kabbalah Centre LinkedIn .

It is up to learn from the pain of our past. It is up to us to stop the pain from continuing. This may mean exiting a painful relationship. This may mean starting over in some form. It is up to you to decide how you will confront and end your pain. It is up to you to stop the perpetual state of victimhood and take control over your destiny.

You can learn how to do this and more at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. Click here for more details.



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