José Auriemo Neto : Forging Ahead Brazil’s High End Real Estate Market!

In the Brazilian real estate market, the renowned JHSF is highly acknowledged among their constituents in the market, for having the capability and size to take on high-level contracts. These include large shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, airports, corporations and other architectural projects. Brazilian businessman José Auriemo Neto resides as the current chief executive officer and chairman of the company since 2003. Along with hard work and a highly developed commerce acumen, Neto has furthered the growth of the company since his transition to it, to have a worth of over approximately one billion dollars. JHSF was established in 1972 by Jose Auriemo Neto’s father. Neto, after being hired, quickly soared up the companies ranks for his ability to predict exceptional real estate prospects that most wouldn’t see much opportunity in. Unlike some developing companies in the trade who fails to use and employ sustainable building and environmentally suitable practices, JHSF thrives and is considered elite with regard to workmanship and problem elucidating abilities.

To name just a few of their grandest venture accounts that JHSF operated for is the Catarina Executive Airport, the Catarina Fashion Outlet Shopping mall, the Tucuruvuri Metro, the Beautiful View Center in Salvador, the Black Tip Shopping Center in Manaus and the City Garden Center. JHSF conducts business in four different regions worldwide including America, Uruguay and their home headquarters of Brazil. They have been most notably recognized with many awards and accolades for their sustainability practices including the highly prized “Aqua Sustainable Construction Seal” and the “Pinni Award.” JHSF’s philanthropy works are just as impressive with their contributions and involvement in the educational and health care system including Abrace, which is the Brazilian Association for Special Care Adolescents and Children. JHSF commandeers every opportunity to employ the most innovative practices in the trade.

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