Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner Sets the Right Trend in Real Estate

Learning how to network effectively in real estate is one fundamental factor when it comes to landing clients. After all, creating entrepreneurial networks has often led business professionals to launching successful ventures. Therefore, when looking at how real estate moguls have used their networking platforms to delve into major deals, then Hussain Sajwani is one such individual that should catch your eyes often. Having grown a real estate empire from scratch, Sajwani the DAMAC owner is now one of the wealthiest real estate entrepreneurs thanks to his ability to travel frequently and work with high-profile business professionals.

Introducing Hussain Sajwani

Mr. Hussain Sajwani was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch. The interview focused on his early life and how he grew up into becoming one of the world’s wealthiest business professionals. Asked how he ventured into the business that shaped his career in the long run, Sajwani does not hesitate to narrate his life story. He goes on to say that he was born to caring parents who put in a lot of work to making sure that he was comfortable enough while growing up. Although his father only owned a retail shop that sold a few items that were imported from China, Sajwani received support from the point of being mentored to become a professional businessman. However, he had different interests to pursue a formal education and later a career of his choice. Therefore, Sajwani joined a school in Baghdad where he capitalized in medicine.

Starting School in the United States of America

The DAMAC owner changed his mind about pursuing medicine and moved to America in search of more rewarding opportunities. While there, he joined the Washington University and studied Economics and Industrial Engineering. At the same time, he aspired to join the career industry after graduating from school. Luckily, he was smart enough to score impressive grades that contributed to his appointment at GASCO Company. Shortly after serving at GASCO Company, he started a food catering business that thrived in excellent leadership. Sajwani the DAMAC owner decided to start another business. This time, he was into real estate. That is how DAMAC Properties was born in 2002. Until now, it is Dubai’s leading real estate property developer and Hussain Sajwani has been in charge all along.

The Success of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has over the years developed residential and commercial properties across different cities with Dubai and the Middle East being the leading areas. Perhaps the company has been overly successful because of Hussain’s ability to create strong entrepreneurial networks with the likes of President Donald Trump with whom he shares business ideas often.

The Overview

Sajwani is evidently an ambitious man who strives to deliver the best he can within the provided time frame. Other than that, he uses his entrepreneurial networks to grow his business.

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