Glen Wakeman of GE Capital Helps Business Owners

Glen Wakeman, CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC, is the ex-CEO of GE Money Latin America. GE Money Latin America oversaw 9 countries and had 15 billion dollars in assets, with over 17,000 employees. Glenn has lived in six different countries and worked in 32. He currently helps struggling business owners by reframing their view on business and how they can provide value to potential clients. He stresses the importance of providing rather than selling; in other words, be an asset to people and in return you will receive value (Medium).

His extensive involvement with GE Capital, in addition to his MBA at the University of Chicago, has led him to be valuable source of help for struggling entrepreneurs and business owners. Glen spent 20 plus years extensively working his way up into GE Capital with more and more complex roles. In London as a general director of GE Capital, he grew a company from 2 million dollars to 10 million dollars and added over 30 billion dollars in assets to the company.

Glen Wakeman is also a certified black belt, and received his BS in Economics and Finance at the University of Scranton. His views on becoming productive in day-to-day operations are to start by looking at the prior day’s numbers in terms of sales, cash, and other figures. Make an outline, set up meetings for sales, tweak new designs, and pay all bills needed. He brings ideas to fruition by explaining them verbally to other people, and it is this process that brings them to life; it forces him to defend his ideas, and this in turn make them a reality.

Glen is has accomplished amazing feats in the business world, starting from working his way up by cleaning bathrooms at an auto parts factory. It was this experience, although not the best, which taught him the meaning of hard work and that it is appreciated across all aspects of business. He suggests that business owners question everything, including even his own value proposition. Be an astute businessman.


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