Former Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub spectacular achievements

Daniel Taub is the former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was appointed to serve in the office of the ambassador in 2011. His appointment followed the good performance he had shown while serving in the ministry of foreign affairs as a legal counsel. Taub is an international lawyer of repute.

He has specialized in counter-terrorism and laws of way. Daniel Taub experience in the field of legal matters is what made him an asset to his country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

There were numerous positions where he could fit with his expertise. His first duty in Israel was to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces before he was moved to the international law division of the ministry of foreign affairs.

Daniel Taub expertise in legal field would see him appointed to the office of the deputy principal legal advisor in the ministry of legal affairs. It meant that he was responsible for all legal matter in the ministry. This was an honor for the UK-born diplomat.

He was tasked with advising the country on the various issues of international concern. For instance, he was supposed to guide the mission that represented Israel at the UN headquarters both in New York and Geneva.

Daniel Taub appointment to the office of the ambassador came as good news to the Jewish community leaving in the United Kingdom. First of all, Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom and spent most of his young age there. He moved to Israel at the age of almost 30.

So, his appointment to the office of the ambassador was taking him back to a country that he knew very well. As someone who had lived in the United Kingdom, he did not have a hard time adapting to the country.

He was already familiar with the way of life for the English people. As soon as he was appointed to office, he was able to make a difference instantly. He started working on areas where the two countries had shared interests.

Daniel Taub tenure of four years remains the most successful in the history of the relationship between the United Kingdom and Israel. Daniel Taub helped the two countries establish a strong trade partnership which saw trade in just four years double and reach $7 billion annually.

Israeli goods and services were getting a good market in the United Kingdom, and this was good news for the Israelis. The move would boost the economy of the Middle East country a great deal.

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