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Annual Strategic Opportunities and Merger and Acquisition Conference is held every year to discuss the various issues that the financial and banking world faces. Various leaders, consultants, and financial advisors attend the conference and share ideas and their perspectives on the various listed topics. The participants of the annual conference that is organized by the Texas Bankers Association also get a chance to meet other leaders and noted financial experts and consultants.

The conference provides the perfect platform for various financial institutions and institutional buyers to promote their interests and tie up with other agencies. Networking in any industry helps in growth and expansion, and it is one of the objectives of this conference. John Holt, CEO of Nexbank, was also among one of the panellists in the banker’s panel at the conference and was given the topic of reinvention of community banking and what role would innovation play in the competition that would follow as the community banking emerges. John Holt shared his perspectives on the topic, and that impressed the audience significantly.

Nexbank is one of the most trusted names in the spheres of banking in the state of Texas and was established in the year 1934. It is the 234th largest bank in the country and 13th largest in the state of Texas. The company has over $6 Billion in assets under management, and it continues to increase Nexbank can attract more clients through its range of customized financial services. The company mainly provides its services through its three primary business units, namely commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. Nexbank has shown consistent growth from the time of its inception and just four employees during the time of its creation; the company has close to hundred employees presently. Nexbank has four branches across Texas and has its headquarters in Dallas.

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