Enhanced Athlete wins lawsuit against Nutrition Distribution

Enhanced Athlete, a fitness, and nutrition company based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming was on the winning side of a lawsuit recently. A company by the name of Nutrition Distribution had accused Enhanced Athlete that the company was using false advertising with the intent to gain additional sales. Nutrition Distribution believes that they are in fact one of, if not the top leader in distributing products in the health and fitness industry. Nutrition Distribution claims that they should receive a settlement of some sort due to the false advertisement campaigns.


Nutrition Distribution took this to court with claims towards Enhanced Athlete for their false advertisements of their products. The court denied their motion, and sided with Enhanced Athlete. The statement that Nutrition Distribution had no way of proving the correlation between the advertising and the loss of generated sales and revenue for Nutritional Distribution was affected by anything Enhanced Athlete had been doing. It was also stated that the claim of false advertising on against Enhanced Athlete was pure speculation, and was not able to be proved valid in the court of law.


Enhanced Athlete is a fitness based company, that specializes in cutting edge products, with a scientific shortcut to building muscle, burning fat, as well increasing performance. Enhanced Athlete provides products that you might not come across in your neighborhood GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe. They offer a variety of help in the fitness world with video tutorials, guides, product reviews, and sales, as well as training guides Which can also be found on their other websites.


Enhanced Athlete also has multiple sister companies, Enhanced Coaching is a build for you type of fitness solution that creates a routine for your own personal coach. It also offers meal plans, to help keep your meals up to the standard of what your body needs during its custom workout programs. On top of that they offer a variety of other plans, or packages that differentiate based on preference.


Enhanced Gear is their merchandise company, that offers multiple different fitness related gym wear items. T-Shirts, hooded sweat shirts, tank tops, as well as shorts and sweat pants. They all use the Enhanced Athlete logo on them, and have interesting, and phrases on items.

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