Dr. Mark Holterman’s efforts to improve healthcare

Dr. Mark Holterman has an ivy league education. He received his Biology degree from the University of Yale in 1976. Mark graduated top of his class (cum laude). He pursued his MD and Ph.D. in medicine and immunology at the University of Virginia. He also did his residency in general surgery at the same institution. He is a remarkable pediatrician and surgeon.

Dr. Mark Holterman has had a lot of success during his three-decades run in the medical profession. Mark took advantage of the skills he acquired during his stay at the University of Virginia to research on immunology at the Institute of Montreal. He has specialized in areas such as; liver transplant, Short Bowel Syndrome, and Biliary Atresia (Premiergazette). He did his fellowship at Seattle’s Children Hospital specializing in pediatric medicine before becoming the director of surgery at the University of Washington for three years. He then went back to Chicago and became a professor at the University of Illinois. He was then given the role of Chief surgeon at the Advocate Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Holterman is presently a practicing professor and pediatric surgeon at the University of Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman is the CEO and founder of Mariam Global Health. He brought his idea into reality in 2012 when he decided to help a bunch of his friends shapes their healthcare initiatives to benefit people globally. Dr. Holterman has assembled a team at his firm that scrutinizes healthcare startups and decided the very few that have the potential to prosper. Mark works with his team in a managerial capacity overseeing their work and offering assistance when it’s necessary.

Dr. Mark has developed an economic sense of cost-cutting from experience. Innovators who involve themselves with Mariam Global Health can impact the medical world in ways they hadn’t imagined. Dr. Holterman is the recipient of several awards in his field. One prestigious award being Patients’ Choice Award. Dr. Holterman is a contributor to the formation of the organization IPSAC-VN. The program has impacted the health care field in Vietnam. It also aids at bringing Vietnamese doctors to the United States to study.


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