Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Rare Female Surgeon

Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who has been practicing surgery for eight years. She has excellent experience in the cosmetic surgery such face-lifts, eyelid-lifts, breast augmentations and also nose jobs. Being a female plastic surgeon, she is among the few ladies who are a plastic surgeon in the country. Out 8100 board certified plastic surgeons in the country, 851 of them are female of which Jennifer Walden being among them. It shows that Jennifer Walden is among the few ladies that have overcome the challenges many female plastic surgeons face. These include late bearing of children since every surgeon must undergo at least five years post-medical school training.

Jennifer Walden believes that their many advantages come up with being a female plastic surgery. One, a female plastic surgeon can understand well the reasons why many ladies want plastic surgery since they share many things. Also, many patients feel more comfortable while talking to a female surgeon than a male one because they know that they will not get judged.

Jennifer Walden has also undergone several experiences similar to those of her patients. Due to this effect, Jennifer Walden is not only able to show sympathy to her patients but also empathy to them. For example, she is a mother of seventeen-month old twin boys, and she acknowledges that her body changed significantly after the pregnancy. Due to these changes, she believes that one she will undergo a diastasis repair since her abdomen muscles spread during the pregnancy period. This show Jennifer Walden can connect very well with her patients.

Jennifer is a member of Board of Director for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In that board, she serves as the Vice Commissioner of Communication. She is also the spoke person for both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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