ClassDojo Application Applauded By Numerous Educational Facilities

Education technology is in the recent past one tangible investment that entrepreneurs are looking keenly into. Edtech investments are aimed to make learning more easier and fun, to all relevant stakeholders. Edtech has been reported to make great progress since 2015 and still very hopeful about 2017, considering the several startups in the market such as Classcraft, Nearpool, ClassDojo, among others.

These technologies have been aimed to change the traditional face of education to interesting online learning platforms both for the kids and the teachers. The success of edtech investments is traceable back to this factor as well as thorough testing, to ensure they are up to the task, before being released into the market for use by the educators and kids.

While investing in the education technology may seem like an existing ready market, most investors may fail to impress due to their lack of understanding of what exactly the educators and the kids need. It goes without saying that teachers understand best what works best in schools and thus the best people to engage before venturing into the investment. This is well evident with ClassDojo application, which has made communication among teachers, students and parents very easy and possible. ClassDojo has been able to provide solution to the existing communication problem in schools, where teachers and parents lacked a communication platform, to discuss the student’s progress without having to schedule for a meeting. Due to this factor, ClassDojo app has been embraced by several schools in US.

ClassDojo has also been rigorously tested, with the founders committing to work with edtech accelerators and make frequent interactions with teachers, students and parents throughout product designing.

Having a good education technology is an awesome thing, but can’t be great without an implementation plan at hand. Though schools all over can easily have access to internet, adopting a new technology has never been easy not only for educators but for everyone. ClassDojo has largely been adopted by schools, due to their consistent support to educators, who are still adapting to the functionality of the application.

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