Changing How Medicine Works with NantHealth and Allscripts is Joining Forces with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The use of the Eviti Solution is a vital role in how each patient with cancer is treated by allowing each physician to have access to the database which has collected and stored various levels of therapy and treatment plans which are beneficial for patients who have cancer. There were cases where a doctor did not have the right information and did not have the right knowledge for treatment of cancer and this affected the chances of overcoming cancer. With the new database, doctors are able to remove guesswork from their options because the guesswork has been eliminated in the database. A better chance of survival is now able to be reached by patients.

In Boca Raton, the headquarters of Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global is where the network of 5 different hospitals who serve patients who are fighting cancer is located. It offers a variety of approaches which combines the different advances being made in therapies and treatment plans that are showing promise for patients who are affected with cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers are helping patients by letting them know that their emotional well being and their mental well being is also being looked at when they are faced with the affects of cancer. Your quality of life should be a priority for those who have cancer and at the centers, they treat it as a priority where other doctors might not.

The cancer treatment centers are equipped with the knowledge that is vital for improving their odds of being able to beat cancer. If a patient is being treated like the last patient who had cancer, the odds of being able to beat it are not as good. Each person has their own unique cancer and therefore should not be treated like the last person who had it. The centers know this and that is why they have been so successful in fighting cancer.

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