Michel Terpins: Finally a Winner of the Sertoes Rally After Ten Attempts

The rally driving scene in Brazil has grown tremendously in recent years. Among the most popular events in the country’s rallying calendar is the Sertoes Rally. The rally has consistently been held for more than a decade and attracts drivers in different categories, including cars, motorcycles, and UTVs. One of the winners within this year’s categories of cars is Michel Terpins. The veteran driver took the lead early on in the T1 prototype category and did not once relinquish it.

Michel Terpins win was the first in ten attempts of trying. He first took part in the Sertoes rally in 2002 where he raced in the motorcycle category. In all the editions he has taken part in since Terpins has raced in the T1 category with a modified T-Rex from the MEM motorsport support team. By winning the 2017 Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins has also risen to the National Cross Country Championship overseen by the Brazilian Automobile Confederation (CBA).

The Sertoes rally, if anything, is known for its complexity and thrill. With seven stages covering thousands of kilometers, the race has claimed many drivers. The hardest stage of the rally is the 3rd stage which is also known as the marathon stage. Over the entire course of the stage, drivers are not allowed to ask for any external mechanical assistance. Consequently, making it through this section requires not only speed but also restrain and durability. A testament to his driving skills, Michel Terpins took the lead during this third section.

In highlighting Terpins’s big win, it is important not to forget to mention his co-driver, Maykel Justo. The equally experienced Justo has taken part in multiple races over the course of his rally career. Over the last two Sertoes rally editions where they have worked together, the undeniable chemistry between Justo and Terpins had been clear for all to see.

Michel Terpins is also quite fortunate to have a strong support team behind him in the Bull Sertoes Team. He founded the team a few years ago with his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins, who also happens to be a rally driver.

Succeeding in the world of investment; tips and advice from Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is the founder and the CEO of ServiceMesh, Inc. He founded the company when he discovered that there was need to supply reliable and affordable IT solutions both internally and externally. Before he started his own company, he had been a cloud manager for the Computer Services Corporation for a long time.

Eric was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He grew up during an era when computers were becoming the best new invention and he was taken by it as soon as he was introduced to them. By the time he was a grade four student, he was already doing some rudimentary level of computer programming. Then he finished his high school and was admitted to Harvard where he was to major in English and Literature. Even though he was majoring in language, he still had a passion for the social sciences, which is why he decided to register for technical classes at MIT. He graduated with honors from both colleges in 1988. While he was at Harvard, he served as the editor and columnist of the Harvard Crimson.

After working a few entry level jobs where he was, he decided that he wanted to take things to the next level and packed up for California. When he got there, he decided that he wanted to start his own company to resolve common issues in the educational and health sector. He worked on the company for three years before he decided that he wanted to sell it. After making the sale, he decided to start another company and named it Digital Evolution. The company is an interactive agency. Eric feels very strongly about philanthropy. He started an online forum where children with chronic conditions can meet, interact and share their stories.

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