Inmate Illegal Cell Phone Usage Thwarted By New Securus Technology

Mr. Robert Johnson has been working for Securus Technologies in a unique position for a while now. Robert is a former corrections officer who works to help discover and prevent the use of illegal cell phones within the prison system. This is a mission that Mr. Johnson takes seriously. In 2010 Mr. Johnson was a corrections officer who was responsible for stopping contraband from entering the prisons. At the beginning of March 2010, Mr. Johnson stopped contraband, valued at $50,000, from reaching the intended inmate. By the end of March 2010, Mr. Johnson was fighting for his life after a home invader shots him six times. It was discovered that the inmate who never received his contraband authorized the hit with an illegal cellphone and made payment on a reloadable money card.


Seven years later, Robert has pulled through his ordeal, and has become a man on a mission with regards to stamping out illegal cell phones within the prison system. Case in point, nine month old Kendarius Edwards was shot and killed while in his mother’s arms because three brothers, who were incarcerated, had a disagreement with the uncle and ordered the hit from prison. This could have been prevented if the institution had the wireless containment system that Securus Technologies provides.


Wireless Containment services are the latest technology services that Securus had been providing their clients. In March of 2017, the regulations regarding third party wireless monitoring have loosened a bit which means that the internet service providers are responsible for working closer with inmate communications providers. In turn, companies such as Securus are able to employ this Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) by intercepting any unauthorized wireless signal inside the facility and “capturing” the outgoing call. After capturing the signal, WCS will not send the signal on and render the illegal cell phone useless. Securus has captured over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts.


This can be very good news for facilities across the nation. For example, at Evans Correctional Institute there was a short viral video leaked by an active inmate, Jose Rivera that was 3 1/2 minutes long. This was not Rivera’s first internet posting while incarcerated. If the facility had WCS, this could have been prevented and management was luck it was not worse. Securus Technologies has a very good track record of providing technology to increase the safety and security for facilities, inmates, and family members. Securus oversees 3400 facilities and 1,200,000 inmates daily and specializes in: biometric analysis, emergency response, incident and information management, and inmate self service. To read more about this technology, please click here.

John Bell Joins Rick Smith’s Securus Technologies

Recently, Securus Technologies added John Bell, a senior sales executive, to its leadership team. Bell will serve the leading provider of civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, monitoring, public safety, and investigation as the senior vice president of sales. He is expected to develop a high-tech software-based sales group. The team will complement the firm’s growing portfolio of more than 800 products for the law enforcement and correctional facilities.

Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, noted that they had invested $600 million in the purchase and development of hundreds of security, safety, and efficiency-related products. To this end, they need to add an important sales executive who has extensive experience in the area of transforming and evolving sales teams. Bell has a reputation of changing organizational cultures and enhancing the performance and growth of the companies that he has previously worked for. He is also revered for developing remarkable sales leaders. Visit for more info.

Bell has rendered his services in the field for over 35 years. Bell has worked for IBM, one of the top high-tech sales business processes as well as people development companies. Bell is a proud alumnus of Wharton School of Business where he pursued his postgraduate studies. He is also a graduate of Kellogg School of Management. Notably, Bell has worked for AT&T, NTT Verio, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon. Mr. Bell will be in charge of the firm’s sales team of 100 people. Josh Conklin, the current sales vice president for the company, will report directly to Bell. The two experts will work together to achieve Securus Technologies’ goals.

Smith said that if their correction and law enforcement partners understood all the solutions that they offer, they would win every new contract. The company has been improving its product and service offing. Presently, they offer complex solutions having fined security, safety, and productivity tools. To present their products effectively, the company’s sales team has to evolve. Bell’s record of remarkable performance matches that of Securus Technologies. The leadership team of the corporation is willing to partner with Bell to enhance its products and solutions.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith is also the chairman of Securus Technologies. The company focuses on offering technologies that seek to enhance public safety and improve communications in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has been investing in product and service development to help law enforcement agencies to prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith noted that Securus Technologies has received thousands of letters and emails from their customers. The clients appreciate how the firm has continued to offer adequate services to help keep inmates and their families safer. He added that incorporating safety into Securus Technologies’ DNA is a part of firm’s honor of being socially responsible. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus Technologies Gleans Important Information From Prisoners

It is very difficult for a prisoner inside of the jail to keep it secret from a prison guard these days. While the prison population usually enforces a very strict code of honor that includes never squealing to law enforcement, Securus Technologies has innovated away to get information out of prisoners without their knowledge.


Securus Technologies is a telephone company. If you have ever watched a television show or movie that goes inside of a prison, you might remember seeing a line of telephones installed into a wall. Prisoners lining up to use the telephone for short periods of time in order to call their friends and family on the outside. Well, Securus Technologies is the company that provides those telephone services.


All of those telephone calls being spoken into those telephones on the walls of prisons are recorded by Securus Technologies. All of these telephone calls are saved in a massive computer somewhere. This information is then made available to law enforcement and law enforcement can search the entire database virtually instantly. Securus Technologies has made searching the database almost as easy as searching for websites on the Internet. In fact, they may have made it even easier.


The software that searches this database locks on to a certain person’s voice. It analyzes that voice on a variety of different proprietary levels. Each voice is completely unique like a fingerprint. Once the software has a hold of the unique features of a particular voice, it can then search the entire database for any instances where that voice is heard.


This allows prison guards to hear every single word uttered by a particular prisoner through those telephones. Now prison guards do not need prisoners to tell on each other explicitly because they are doing so implicitly through this innovative technology.