A Glimpse into Brazil’s Legal System with Ricardo Tosto

Brazil’s legal system is definitely different from other nations but it is not unique. Brazil’s legal system operates on statutory law and this simply means that it uses a written set of laws to govern its system. In Brazil, judges perform acts such as litigation, examining witnesses, investigating the facts and appointing experts for questioning.

Attorney’s and lawyers in Brazil such as Ricardo Tosto are charged with constructing arguments for their clients. They will use their knowledge of the law to help their clients to win cases. They will even get to question the opposing party for evidence. This process is called discovery. Lawyers also have to know the other rules which govern Brazilian courtrooms.

Ricardo Tosto is a great lawyer in Brazil. He is one of the leading figures within this field. He has been around for a very long time and he has managed to win some big cases over the years. Ricardo Tosto knows how to really navigate Brazil’s extensive legal system. He is a rare lawyer that truly understands how the law works in Brazil.

Remember that judges play a more active role in Brazilian law. While this is true, this by no means limits the impact that an attorney has within this system. If you could ask Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto you would quickly realize that his skills and experience is just as complicated as that of any lawyers. He knows how important it is for him to be at the top of his game.

There are state and federal courts in Brazil. However, the nation does not rely so much on municipal courts to handle minor cases. Instead they have Courts of Justice which handle minor civil and criminal matters. Remember that judges within the Brazilian court systems do not decide law.

Instead, they judge a case by the written statute that is related to it. They also administer punishments or sentences according to what these written rules have already stated. So, a large part of written laws really impacts how many Brazilians live. Ask Ricardo Tosto and he will testify to this fact.

Cassio Audi and the Music Career That He Possessed Before Transitions into Business Administration

Long before Cassio Audi endeavored into the business world he that was someone that was known for his musical talents. Cassio was known, at one time, as a drummer and writer for a band called Viper. It was through this band that Cassio Audi became a musician with writing contributions to an album that was at the top of the charts. He worked on 2 albums with Viper can become known as a prolific song writer.

Many people may not know it, but Cassio Audi has played a major part in helping to popularize the concept of rock music to a Latin American audience. Many people will say that he was a pioneer in this area. He was already a huge fan of groups like Iron Maiden so it would only be a matter of time before Cassio Audi started to emulate what he saw through the rock music scene in America.

A good number of people are able look at what rocker Cassio Audi has done with all of the music that he wrote, and they are surprised by his move into the business administration industry. The Viper band become quite successful with Cassio Audi in place, but this is a band that Audi would leave in 1989 as he found a new life with a world in business. He definitely made a powerful impact on the Latin American music industry, but he wanted to be sure that people would recognize that rock music was a big concept that needed to spread outside of the United States.

Cassio Audi has made a good career in finance, but he was also a big fan of business finance. He would become a business leader that was just as talented in the world of music as he was as a business leader.

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Changing How Medicine Works with NantHealth and Allscripts is Joining Forces with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The use of the Eviti Solution is a vital role in how each patient with cancer is treated by allowing each physician to have access to the database which has collected and stored various levels of therapy and treatment plans which are beneficial for patients who have cancer. There were cases where a doctor did not have the right information and did not have the right knowledge for treatment of cancer and this affected the chances of overcoming cancer. With the new database, doctors are able to remove guesswork from their options because the guesswork has been eliminated in the database. A better chance of survival is now able to be reached by patients.

In Boca Raton, the headquarters of Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global is where the network of 5 different hospitals who serve patients who are fighting cancer is located. It offers a variety of approaches which combines the different advances being made in therapies and treatment plans that are showing promise for patients who are affected with cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers are helping patients by letting them know that their emotional well being and their mental well being is also being looked at when they are faced with the affects of cancer. Your quality of life should be a priority for those who have cancer and at the centers, they treat it as a priority where other doctors might not.

The cancer treatment centers are equipped with the knowledge that is vital for improving their odds of being able to beat cancer. If a patient is being treated like the last patient who had cancer, the odds of being able to beat it are not as good. Each person has their own unique cancer and therefore should not be treated like the last person who had it. The centers know this and that is why they have been so successful in fighting cancer.

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Finance Is Not The First Career Of Former Viper Member Cassio Audi

The career of the financial expert Cassio Audi may have taken in some of the largest investment groups in the world, such as J.P. Morgan Chase and many large Brazilian financial institutions, yet many heavy metal fans know the name of the investment specialist for very different reasons. Prior to returning to Sao Paulo University to complete his education, Cassio Audi was the teenage drummer of the influential heavy metal band Viper; one of the best known Brazilian bands in the world who rose to initial prominence as part of the new wave of 1980s heavy metal.

It was in Viper that Cassio Audi first found fame as a drummer in 1985 when he joined the heavy metal band alongside a group of local teenagers who shared an interest in British heavy metal bands. The birth of Viper came as Cassio Audi and his fellow band mates came to value the influence of the British band “Iron Maiden” who they used as their major influence in the writing and performance of their first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Cassio Audi has a long history of finding success in both of his chosen careers in both finance and as a heavy metal performer; Audi has been a leading investment figure for a number of years and also brought with him a large amount of skill as a musician in the heavy metal genre. Viper remain a popular band, but the first incarnation of this influential heavy metal group has continued to be classed as the classic lineup taking in a number of important songs and genre defining motifs over the course of its existence; Cassio Audi and his fellow members of Viper who performed on the “Soldiers of Sunrise” album were praised for having such high levels of musicianship at such a tender age.

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Cassio Audi Making Efforts to See the Brazilian Investment Management Change For the Better

Going by recent statistics, the Brazilian Investment Management sector is on the rise, which is favorable for any investment manager desiring to rise globally.

A sure Growth

Having recorded more than $1 trillion in the money markets by the year 2013, the Brazilian Investment Management is already promising. This was brought about by investments made locally by the citizens. Statistics show that over 90 percent of local investors shy away from international investments, growing the local market consequently. This trend is projected to increase even further, with credit easily available to middle-class consumers. In the recent past, assets that are professionally managed have been on the rise and have in return changed the distribution channel and, thus, growing private banks and companies.

Much Needed Change

With the rising nature and competitiveness of this field, people involved could adopt bad practices, which could have adverse effects on consumers. Therefore, the Brazilian Government strictly regulates the Investment Management under the Brazilian Securities Commission. In the recent past, the Commission hinted on adopting new rules that will govern investment administrators, managers, and advisors. These rules will be aimed at bettering the internal and external management of investments.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a renowned financial management guru. He has over 20 years’ experience in the financial field. Cassio has led quite a lot of companies, including startups, and he is well known for his marvelous leadership skills that placed each company he worked for at the top.

His career started in 1992 as a trader for JP Morgan Chase where he has was mandated to manage assets. He later moved to Dow Chemical as a senior financial analyst before joining Gillette as the financial director. Cassio Audi then worked for three more companies holding top positions, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners, Rossi Residential and Rossi Commercial Properties. Another role beckoned at GVMI in 2013 where he served as the M.D.

Eric Pulier: A True American Hero

These individuals posses something that many of us average folk does not. Many times these gifted individuals never really seem to get the credit or notoriety that they deserve even though they’ve made a huge difference in society. This is the case when it comes to a guy named Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is what we call a “jack of all trades.” Why? Well, Mr. Pulier is involved in many different industries such as technology, education, politics, as well as healthcare. BEING ABLE TO Successfully succeed in these fields is what sets in apart from his peers and this is why.


Pulier has attended two of the most prestigious higher learning facilities in the nation being Harvard University and MIT between the years of 1984-1989. The English/American Major had a busy schedule around this time as he was the editor and column writer for the prominent Harvard Crimson. Attending these two universities was tough especially with the lack of time, but all in all, Eric Pulier succeeded and graduated in 1989 magna cum laude. Now it was time to take his many talents out into the real world and by 1991 he would move to Los Angeles to pursue his professional career.


Eric Pulier went to work as soon as he arrived in L.A. by founding a company named People Doing Things. This company implemented technology into the healthcare and education fields to solve many of issues. Pulier also helped to create one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill children known as Starbright World. Hit was also a hit as it allowed these special kids to interact with each other (via) chat, message, and blog. As of today Mr. Pulier has founded over 15 companies and the last company he sold was for #350 Million. The future of technology is looking mighty bright and Eric Pulier plays a critical role in it’s future success. Click Here for More Info.