Dr. David Samadi Is Making Breakthroughs In Prostate Surgery

Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist who is an expert in robotic prostate surgery. He performs laparoscopic and open traditional surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi has a high reputation as Chief of Robotic Surgery and is dedicated to the early detection and diagnoses of prostate cancer. He uses the da Vinci system that is said to be more advantageous than any other form of treating prostate cancer. It can reduce the risk of complications during and after surgery, minimize scarring, and aid in quicker recovery times.

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive procedure to remove cancer in the prostate. Dr. David Samadi created his own technique Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique or SMART, which combines radical prostatectomy skills with robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is so advanced that is done through remote control operation. The surgeon never touches the patient as the movements of the surgeon are translated through the sensitive fibers of the machine. The operation is performed remotely where the surgeon can be in a different hospital or state at the time of the surgery.

Dr. Samadi’s SMART technique drastically reduces pain, recovery time, and blood loss. It does not require having to cut the dorsal vein complex or open the endopelvic fascia. It allows him to perform surgery with excellent precision and removes the prostate gland without damaging the surrounding tissue. Any type of surgical procedure can be risky. When it comes to prostate cancer treatment, surgery is the most effective option. Cancer tumors can be removed without the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy. The da Vinci system greatly lowers the risk of infection during prostate surgery. The incisions that are made are less than two inches, making the wounds heal much faster. Dr. David Samadi is a compassionate surgeon who has performed over 7,000 robotic prostate surgeries.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden from Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been certified to be a Plastic Surgeon. She has previous training in beauty type surgeries. Jennifer’s Medical Practice moved from New York City to Austin, Texas. Walden has many recognitions, awards, and publications. Jennifer has shown her passion for surgical work, expertise in the medical field, and vast knowledge in her educated publications. Jennifer Walden’s medical office continues to have success year after year in Austin, Texas.

Jennifer Walden was a 2017 finalist in the Woman’s Way Awards. They celebrate woman with successful businesses in the City of Austin. Jennifer and her all-female staff celebrated the doctor’s latest achievement. She was named one of the Best 24 Beauty Surgeons for Harper’s Bazaar. Another recognition is her membership on the Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. She also was asked to serve for the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery. Last, but not least, she helped write a medical textbook. This publication was called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden has had many article publications throughout her medical career. She tirelessly pursues her passion in helping others. In March 1999, she presented at an American Burn Meeting. In summer 2004, she had a published article for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Next achievement was in 2005, with a Plastic Reconstructive Surgery publication. Next, Jennifer wrote for the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in fall 2006 and June 2007. Her last article published was in summer 2010 for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Jennifer Walden has gained lots of popularity with her published medical journals.

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How Dr. David Samadi Became One Of The Top Urologists In The United States

Dr. David Samadi is a surgeon and urologist who has practiced in more than 40 countries. He is an expert at using advanced surgical robots that assist him in the surgical room. In the past he was the host of a popular weekend tv show that was focused on medical issues. The type of surgery he most often performs is on men who have developed prostate cancer.

While Dr. David Samadi was successful at the beginning of his career, it was his going to Franch to study how they performed urologic surgery that really advanced his career. He learned their method which was to use laparoscopic technology while performing these types of operations. He spent a year in Creteil with other skilled surgeons who taught him everything they knew.

Having been born in Iran, after the Iranian Revolution he left the country as a teenager as he was Persian Jew and so in danger. Just he and his brother were able to leave and eventually they ended up in New York. He attended Roslyn High School and then earned his bachelor’s degree. It was a the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that he learned the knowledge he needed to become a urologist.

In 2007, Dr. David Samadi came up with a completely new way of doing surgery using advanced robotic techniques. Commonly, these types of surgeries have a number of bad effects as they damage the nerves. His new technique does not hurt the nerves and so these side effects are avoided. He patented this technique in 2008.

For four years, Dr. David Samadi was the host for Sunday Housecall. This Fox Network show was a popular source of information about advances in the field of medicine. He and other experts also answered the health questions of callers into the show.

Dr. David Samadi now practices at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and is also the Chairman of the Urology department. Over the course of his career he has completed over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries. Over 80% of his patients are able to regain full sexual function which is a very good stat in the industry. Additionally, almost 90% of his patients end up cancer free after he has performed surgery on them.

Dr. David Samadi info: health.usnews.com/doctors/david-samadi-3908

Greg Finch And His Successful Surgery History

Greg Finch is an Australian orthopedic surgeon, and he is an individual who is very well known in the orthopedic surgery arena. He is an individual who has dedicated his medical career to minimally invasive spinal surgery. This is a surgery that was invented to replace the standard back surgery. Regular back surgery can be very hard on the human body because the spine is basically the frame of the body. When the back is opened, it can be a very long recovery time. Minimally invasive surgery can greatly reduce the amount of time that a person has for recovery. This is because the surgery is done without having to open the back.


Greg Finch is a member of the North American Spine Society, and he also is a member of the Australian Orthopedic Association. Finch is a surgeon who is very sought after by patients and also other doctors. This is because of the success rate of his surgeries. Many people want to have this surgery performed on them because they want to get permanent relief from their back pain.


Back surgery and neck surgery are common surgeries. These are common because people can easily hurt their spine by falling, stretching, playing a sport or doing a repetitive move. This surgery can be complicated, and that is the reason why many people decide to get minimally invasive back surgery.


There are many individuals who have to get knee surgery as well. This is a surgery that is performed by replacing the knee cap with a metal prosthesis. This surgery is done because many people suffer from pain do to the wear and tear that can occur to the knee. This is a surgery that can have a quick recovery because patients are encouraged to get up and walk as soon as possible after the surgery.