Andrea McWilliams: The Prodigious Political Strategist


Andrea McWilliams is as good a political fundraiser as she is a strategist. By combining outstanding convincing power with duteous attention to detail, Andrea has been able to lobby several legislations in both houses. Respected news outlets including the CNN, BBC and USA Today have acknowledged her exemplary work. Newspapers in her native Texas have also shed light on her excellent performances.

Over her illustrious career, Andrea has bagged numerous coveted accolades. Among the most prominent is the “Profiles in Power Award,” given by the Austin Business Journal. The Girl Scouts of Central Texas bequeathed her with the “Woman of Distinction Award.” Aside from the aforementioned, Andrea also possesses the ‘Austin Under 40’ award, as well as claiming a slot in the Austin’s American-Statesman esteemed Glossy 8 list.

Political Lobbyist

Andrea McWilliams delved into the political landscape at the tender age of 21. Since then, she has climbed the ladder, transforming from a greenhorn to a respected political lobbyist. Her job entails drafting of the legislative policy before they are presented to parliament. In conjunction with her husband, they run the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a leading political activist group.

Though Andrea McWilliams and her spouse are on different sides of the political divide, their working relationship transcends party politics. Their excellent track record, working with both Republican and Democrat clients, is a solid proof of their unwavering impartiality.

One of the most significant accomplishments made by the McWilliams Consultants is the lobbying of initiatives, well worth over $100 million, which inaugurated the construction of a modernized, eco-friendly coal power plant in Texas. Andrea is also credited for actively participating in the securing of $3 billion, to be used for research against cancer.


Andrea McWilliams is a regular contributor to humanitarian causes. She sits on the boards of several charity organizations, including Austin Children in Crisis, Preservation Austin, HeartGift, and Inherit Austin, just to name a few.

As a cancer survivor, Andrea has devoted her time to supporting the disease’s patients. She has participated in fundraisers that have collected millions in support of cancer patients.