The Terrifying Story of the Dating Game Killer


The story of famous serial killer and rapist Rodney Alcaca is one that seems almost too convenient to be true. Dubbed the “Dating Game Killer” for his appearance on the Dating Game, a popular 70’s dating themed show, Alcaca was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder at the young age of 17. Despite his disorder, Alcaca managed to attend and graduate from the UCLA School of Fine Arts and even studied film and photography under Roman Polanski. Alcaca’s fascination and knowledge of photography would later disturbingly document his sadistic quest to rape, torture and kill.  This of course resulted in some truly scary pictures.

Alcaca wasn’t exactly a stealthy criminal; in fact, before the majority of his murders, Alcaca was already convicted of both assault and sexual assault. The most bizarre part of Alcaca’s story is that despite his known, repeat status as a sex offender and flight risk, Alcaca was able to travel from Los Angeles to New York City, where he murdered his fourth known victim a week after arriving. On top of that, Alacaca was hired by the Los Angeles Times; where his steady employment at the popular newspaper allowed him the flexibility to take hundreds of photos of young men and women; some sexually explicit.

Alcaca’s deviant collection of photographs would later on serve as potential evidence in missing-persons cases. Alcaca’s collection of photos can still be accessed and viewed online as a last ditch effort for family members or friends to identify missing loved ones as possible victims of the Dating Game Killer.