The Imaginative And Successful Thought Processes Of Drew Madden

Drew Madden has established a career spanning eleven years. His career began at the Cerner Corporation, before he moved to Epic Consulting. He met Mark Bakken, the founder, and CEO of Nordic, at the perfect time. He liked the vibe, and culture of the company, and was skilled as a consultant. Drew Madden believes in transparency with the employees, and this has become a critical selling point. He finds Epic easy to work, and communicate with provided everyone is honest, and open. He brings value to his projects, and this has resulted in a solid relationship.

Two-thirds of the employees Drew Madden works with were once Epic employees, the rest have a clinical, or IT background, and he feels the mix is excellent. He makes a point of getting to know the individual’s he interviews, and does not believe in doing this through emails. He ensures his people understand Epic, and fit in well, resulting in excitement, and respect. By focusing on the needs of his consultants, he makes certain they do not look for another position elsewhere. He places them in the correct role so they are happy with their job.

Drew Madden surrounds himself with high caliber people, so not only are the consultants satisfied, but the clients are happy. He meets his deadlines even if it means he must give up something he was interested in. He performs work in consultation, staff augmentation, quick assessments, and packaged offerings. He listens to his clients so he understands their individual needs, allowing him to go from point A, to point B. The success of the business has retained customers for as long as ten years.

Drew Madden believes Nordic consultants are different. He says they never fail to deliver, hit the ground running, and deliver a big impact almost immediately. He believes this is due to so many employees formerly working for Epic, including engineers, computer science, and music, and zoology majors. The dynamic works because everyone feels they have received an equitable, and fair deal. There are nearly 100 consultants, and they are all certified regarding Epics clindoc modules, and inpatient orders. Drew Madden is excited about emerging applications including Cogito, and Willow Ambulatory.

The most important facets of the business to Drew Madden are optimization, analytics, data, and ongoing support. These areas allow him to be efficient, consistently increase his knowledge, and experience, and result in a high rate of success.