Sheldon Lavin: Quality Products, Green Practices And Excellent Customer Service

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of global food processing juggernaut the OSI Group, has long been focused on expanding the customer base and production capacity of the company. The Aurora, Illinois headquartered company was initially known for providing families and businesses in the Chicago area with quality meats. It then began providing McDonald’s franchises nationwide with beef patties. Lavin has since expanded the company’s product line to include dough and vegetable offerings, taken them to markets around the world, built 70 production facilities in more than 15 countries.

Prior to taking over the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin’s expertise had been finance and accounting. He has degrees in accounting, business and finance from the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and Roosevelt University. He had also been a banker, an investor and ran his own accounting firm. But since taking over the OSI Group early in the 1980, his focus has been on taking the company global while providing the best tasting, most nutritious food products in the world. And to the customers in the 85 countries the company now serves, Sheldon Lavin has done just that.

While Lavin has opened branches of the company in places like Australia, India, Mexico, Japan and Brazil, a major focus of the company has been on China and Europe. Sheldon Lavin has build 10 poultry plants in China to better serve the burgeoning market for poultry products there. He has also made a concerted push into Europe by building facilities in Poland, Spain, Hungary and Germany. He has also gained customers in about two dozen European countries by purchasing Baho Foods, a Dutch company with food processing facilities in Holland and Germany and UK based Flagship Europe.

To better serve the OSI Group’s customers in the United States, Sheldon Lavin operates food processing plants in Illinois, California, Iowa and Wisconsin. He has also acquired Amick Farm on the east coast and a former Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago. But even as the company continues to increase its customer base, Sheldon Lavin has made sure they continue to focus on excellent customer service and award-winning environmental management practices. This has resulted in Lavin and the OSI Group earning the respect of customers, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor and many other prestigious awards.

Even with all their accomplishments and awards, Sheldon Lavin’s proudest of the family atmosphere and family values of the OSI Group.

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Want To Work For OSI Food Solutions?

If you’re tired of working at a job that doesn’t see you as a person but as another cog in the wheel that churns a profit, then it may be time to switch. Work should be more than just making money. It should allow you to feel like a valued member of the team whose opinions and suggestions are being heard. OSI Food Solutions is a company that believes its driving force comes from its employees. They take the stance that without the quality of employees they hire, and their employees’ satisfaction with their workplace, their profit will decrease. Essentially, they attribute to success to their employees.

OSI Food Solutions has created a reputation for delivering the best in quality of food products worldwide. They look for employees who are passionate, willing to risks and face challenges, as well as offer up some innovative ideas as to how they can be giving even better service to their clients. Not only does OSI Food Solutions believe in their employees, but they also believe that a single person can make a difference.

Particularly, they are interested in those who are interested in working in the entrepreneurial environment and aren’t afraid of working as a team. They seek not only experienced professionals but those who have just graduated and show a great deal of promise. Some of the positions open right now are among the following.

A Quality Assurance Technician is the front line for ensuring that OSI Food Solutions’ clients are receiving the best quality of food that they expect. They monitor and enforce food safety, customer expectations, GMPs, SSOPs, and US government expectations for all of OSI’s products. For those looking for a quick job with little education requirement, this position only requires a high school diploma or a GED. So, you can easily get your foot right in the door.

For those with a background in maintaining electric systems, there’s a Maintenance Electrician position available at OSI Food Solutions. Ensuring that the plant’s operations are all running smoothly and performing regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring that there aren’t any delays in delivering the product to its intended customer.

They also have positions open for interns, engineers, and human resources in a multitude of states. For those desiring a challenge and a chance, OSI Food Solutions can be the fresh start you need to jumpstart your career and feel rejuvenated.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Water Is Not Your Average Bottle Of Water

In a million dollar industry, how does one bottle water company stand out from all of the rest? When it comes to Waiakea Water, they have location on their side. They are located in Hawaii. Their name is even Hawaiian. When people think of Hawaii images of the beautiful water that surrounds the island comes to mind. People naturally think that their water will be good to drink.

Hawaiian Volcanic Water

However, Waiakea Water has more than their location on their side. Their filtration process cannot be compared to any other bottled water company. Their water is filtered naturally through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. No one else can claim that they are selling Hawaiian volcanic water.

Environmentally friendly

The idea of putting natural volcanic water into ordinary plastic bottles did not sit well with Waiakea Water. They wanted to be known as a company that cares about the environment. Their business is already certified as being Carbon Neutral. To meet their sustainable objectives, they developed a fully degradable bottle made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. Their bottle will only take 15 years to completely break down compared to the 1,000 years that it takes other plastic bottles.

Waiakea history

Waiakea water was founded by Ryan Emmons. Emmons would spend his summers and winters in Hawaii with his family. In 2012, he started his company after realizing that the water he was consuming all of the years was the purest and healthiest water that he and his family could possibly drink.

Health water

Not only does it go through one of the most natural filtration processes, it naturally contains health benefiting minerals. It contains a great amount of silica which has proven to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Waiakea water pH level is naturally alkaline. These factors contribute to the softness of the water.

Waiakea gives back

Waiakea Water is a company with a conscious. They realize not everyone has access to drinking water. They have partnered with Pump Aid to provide rural areas in Africa with clean drinking water.,18.htm

The OSI Group Is Working Hard To Help People Stay Healthy

People often forget that until quite recently, food used to be the biggest concern in most people’s lives. Starvation and malnutrition were something that was in the back of most people’s minds throughout most of human history. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case for most of the modern world.

But every now and then it’s worth taking a step back to appreciate the people who ensure that most people will never need to fear an empty belly. Even more appreciation should be shown for companies that not only manage that feat, but do so while protecting other aspects of the natural world. And this is exactly what happened recently when the OSI Group received the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council.

The OSI Group received formal recognition for their proven track record of environmental safety. The company’s main goal is to provide food to a variety of different industries. But there’s quite a few ways in which a company might go about it. The OSI Group has always held to a philosophy of environmental responsibility. Their high standards gained them some high honors from the British Safety Council. They went on to add that leadership is an especially important part of any movement toward excellence. The award isn’t simply about noting that a company has gone above and beyond. The award is also about showcasing examples for other companies to follow in the future.

The OSI Group’s success is helping them improve the overall state of affairs in the food industry as a whole. The company is constantly expanding, and taking their high standards with them. For example, they recently purchased one of the larger Tyson food plants. In doing so they saved the jobs of quite a few employees. This also meant that OSI’s high standards were able to expand into a new area.

OSI’s expansion highlights the importance of their award. When a company does well then it’s natural for the business world to take note. The practices and general ethos within a company are often held out as a framework to achieve equal success. When companies see that the high standards of OSI are a path to recognition and success than they’re likely to want to learn from them.

Where Beneful Brand Dog Food Outshines the Rest

To be able to compare one brand dog food to another, first you have to look at them side by side. Looking inside the bowl of Beneful brand dog food, you see real pieces of fruit, decent size bits of veggies, and large chunks of real chicken. Does any other brand of dog food put so much focus on the quality of the food?

That is not the only reason to consider Beneful brand dog food. It might look great, but what about nutritional value? This is where you will discover that Beneful really distances themselves from the rest of those in this market. Each bag of Beneful brand dog food has 23 essential vitamins and mineral. Now add into the mix that this brand also eliminates those fillers that you find in many popular brand dry dog foods. Less fillers and more healthy ingredients, just another reason pet owner are making the switch to Beneful.

The advantages don’t end there. Take a look at the Purina dog food facilities, and these US-based facilities have workers who are dog owners too who will only feed their pets this brand because they see exactly what goes into every bag. What more do you need to convince you?

Get A Quality Pet Food Formulated For Your Dog

Great pet food options are available at select Walmart retailers, but best of all, they carry the Beneful brand. You can take advantage of additional savings through BenefulWalmart rollback offers or visit the Beneful website for coupons worth up to 20% off. All natural ingredients like rice, carrots, green beans, beef, and chicken are packed in each brand of their popular pet food. You can listen to your pets opinion through the constant wagging of the tail at mealtime. There are a number of pet owners around the world that are choosing the Beneful name over other competitor brands 10 to 1.

Did you know Beneful is packed with ingredients that help your pet maintain a healthy heart? That’s right, they have quality products in mind as well as your pet companions overall health. Feeding your pet a healthy meal is as easy as a trip to your local Walmart. Enjoy a wet or dry dog food collection that is available for pets of all sizes. They also offer great treats for an outing at the park, obedience training, and a great snack. Make your pet happy with a great selection of pet wet dog food products that are available at your local Walmart.

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