Fabletics And Presentation

When it comes to selling fashion, the largest factor of sales is the presentation. In other words, the products that are being sold have to be presented in a way that is going to attract the customers. Customers are not going to be easily impressed with a regular image of products, especially if there are no unique designs. Therefore, if there are unique aspects of clothing, the best thing to do in order to present it is put it on a model and show it from different sides. That way, women will be able to see if the piece of clothing is going to be what they want.


Another aspect of the presentation is the website. While it is important to maintain a professional look to it, it is also good to deviate a bit from the norm. While it is good to make sure that people are able to navigate the site, there has to be some other aspect to the site that gets people to click on it. Fortunately, Fabletics does a good job with its website in attracting the customers. One of the best things it does is make sure that one of the products that are selling are being highlighted. In the middle of the webpage is a picture of one of the models wearing an outfit from Fabletics. She poses in a way that makes the product look good. Therefore, women want to try on the products that the store sells.


With Fabletics, a lot of it is in the marketing. However, merchandise is also a very important aspect. If one does not have any unique products, then it is going to require a lot marketing on the part of the business owner. However, if a business is a lot like Fabletics, then little marketing is needed in order to make the sales.


Fabletics is part of the TechStyle family. This family is ever growing. One of the reasons is that it is experimenting with different markets and different styles in order to see where it can meet a need. It does really good in being able to meet those needs in such a sustainable manner. While the products are inexpensive, they do not come cheap. Therefore, women are not going to have to pay for more than one of certain shirts because of any tears or damages. The designers take the time to make sure that their products are durable.

Fabulous Style with Fabletics

Fabletics is an online retailer founded by Kate Hudson that specializes in sportswear and accessories, particularly for women. Membership costs $50/month and includes a variety of benefits. Members can access catalogs online, receive exciting deals via email, and customize their own outfits. In 2015, Fabletics began to open retail stores in malls across the country to supplement its extensive selection online.

To accompany a recent gym membership, I went to a Fabletics store to view athletic clothing options. I was unfamiliar with fitness clothing, but the workers knew exactly what to do. They asked for a few measurements and the details of my training schedule. Giving me a handout with some options, they then directed me online as well where I could view even more selections. They assured me that everything would be customized to my preferences, and after browsing through their offerings in the store, I was extremely impressed with their standards. All the materials were flexible and looked very comfortable. While waiting for them to grab some leggings from the back, I talked to a nearby customer who was in a similar position, although she had much more experience. She told me that orders were prompt, efficient, and always correct. She had never encountered any drawbacks from Fabletics, and although she had some fitness clothing at home, the options at Fabletics are state of the art in terms of comfort and style. She assured me as well that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Even more importantly, they were stylish in the gym that afternoon. Fabletics contacted me by email to check whether everything was to my liking. I really appreciate this type of communication, because past retail stores have operated like large businesses with no concern for the customer. Fabletics even sent me a coupon and details on how to join their store online. Overall, I would highly recommend Fabletics to any individual who wants to be active and stylish at the same time.

Using an SPF Lip Balm

Just like any portion of your body and face, the lips are prone to aging and damage from dangerous uva and uvb rays. To protect the youthfulness and volume of your lips it is recommended to apply a daily SPF to them. Applying an SPF lotion directly to the lips may be overwhelming and foul tasting. It is best to source lip balm products that are formulated with an SPF already.
Sun damaged lips can become cracked, dry and painful. Long term affects could include premature wrinkling. Although there are a few lip balm manufacturers that use an SPF in their formula, many of them are chock-full of chemicals and preservatives.

The Evolution of Smooth offers a wide range of all natural lip balms that improve the quality of the skin over repeated use. They currently offer 2 flavors of Active Protection Lip Balm, Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit. Both of these SPF infused lip balms protect, soften and hydrate the lips.

The EOS Active Protection Lip Balms offer 80 minutes of water resistant protection. The Skin Protection Factor is at 15, thus providing a broad range of active protection from the harmful rays. As with all of their lip balms, these ones are made with all natural oils and are infused with important skin nourishing vitamins such as E and A.

As we make an effort to protect the beauty of our skin, we should not forget our lips. Be mindful of the brands you use and make sure the lip balm’s SPF is at least 15. It should also be resistant to sweat and water. Their products are available online on ebay.com and ulta.com. Check out https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ for more information .