What Equities First Holdings Performance Announcement Means to the Industry

A $1 billion in transactions is performance that made Equities First Holdings (EFH) proud to announce it during a 15-year anniversary. EFH started an operation in the United Kingdom in 2012. EFH has nearly 700 transactions, and it led to offices being opened in locations in China and Australia. EFH has a popular product called equity-loan. It allows the use of stocks as collateral. It is considered a no-purpose loan; therefore, when borrower is approved, the funds can be used for anything.

An individual or business can use the loan, and most people like the loan because it offers flexibility. A good example of a business using the equity loan shows the EFH’s repayment of a loan to CEO of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff. He used 1.5 million shares for collateral of a three-year term loan. He repaid the loan and EFH provided 9 million shares to help him reach his goals.

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Equities First Expands Further in Australia

Equities First is a specialty finance firm that provides a unique form of financing. The company, which was first introduced over ten years ago, provides loans to consumers and small businesses, which are secured by stock portfolios. This type of financing comes at a time when most consumers have no longer qualified for traditional consumer loans due to tightening of credit standards by traditional banks.

Since they were first established over ten years ago, Equities First has funded over $1 billion worth of loans. To date, the company has completed the majority of its business in the United States and parts of Western Europe. Borrowers of their loans find a number of different advantages that come with stock-secured loans.

One of the main advantages is the fact that it allows a borrower to take advantage of leverage. When taking out a loan against their stock portfolio, a borrower is able to use the loan proceeds to buy more stock. Since the interest rates on the loan are very low, this can provide a great way to earn a great overall return on investment.

While Equities First has a strong presence across the United States and Europe, one of the fastest growing regions for the company is in Australia. The company, which only started operating in Australia a few years ago, is already looking to expand their space. The company is now looking to open a new office in Melbourne, which will have space for several dozen employees. Space will likely be used for sales space, asset management, operations, and compliance. The company is also considering opening more space in Sydney and regional offices in other areas of the country as well.

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Equities First is a Great Option of Lending Solutions For Borrowers

Equities First is a lending solutions option for businesses and high net-worth individuals who may be seeking to obtain a loan for a myriad of purposes. They may be seeking to obtain a loan for the purposes of purchasing machinery, tools, equipment, and/or other types of assets for their business. They may even be seeking capital in the form of a loan to keep as a form of an emergency fund should anything happen to their business that may potentially cause them to shut it down. In such a case, the capital that they are able to borrow from a lender who is willing to work with them on loan amounts and interest rates may have been what enabled them to sustain their business and not shut down its operations.

High net-worth individuals often have trouble with obtaining loans in the amounts and with the interest rates that they seek. By speaking to a representative of Equities First, you may be able to obtain a loan in the amount(s) that you’re seeking. Please feel free to speak to a representative of Equities First today, as they may be able to provide you with guidance pertaining to your loan request. It’s also important to note that Equities First is offering high net-worth individuals an opportunity in which they’re capable of requesting non-purpose loans. A non-purpose loan utilizes securities as forms of collateral, with proceeds being utilized to purchase things that are not considered as being additional securities.

Equities First has created a website that makes it easy for visitors to navigate through. If you would like to learn more about the organization and exactly what they’re offering, please feel free to speak to a representative who’ll be more than happy to guide you in your path to obtaining a loan that may be suitable for you.

Bruce Levenson Involved In Lawsuit Against Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson, part of the former Hawks ownership group, has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. Levenson put the Atlanta Hawks went on the market last January and the team was purchased by entrepreneur Antony Ressler who paid roughly $850 million. Along with his former ownership of the Hawks, Levenson is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group.

Levenson also served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and has been the President of the “I Have A Dream Foundation” of Washington as well as much involvement with numerous other philanthropic groups.

Levenson is now involved in the lawsuit that was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County in September for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Levenson claims his former company was insured under a policy that included coverage for certain losses related to employment practices including wrongful termination. In April of 2015, notice was given to the insurance company for claims that should have been covered.

In a report by ESPN News, former Hawks ownership reached a buyout agreement with Ressler in June of 2015. Per court documents, the claim amount is undisclosed and the suit states the confidential limits of liability stated within the insurance policy are sufficient for the former Hawks ownership claim. The lawsuit goes on to state that the insurance company has refused to even acknowledge the claim or that the policy has been triggered. Thus making this a breach of contract between the two parties.

While the full amount has not been disclosed, the lawsuit seeks an additional 50% penalty of the unpaid loss and the attorneys fees. The insurance company, thus far, has not been available for comment.

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson

Understanding Equities- are they better than banks?

Equities First Holdings LLC is tasked with the provision of lending services for businesses and individual investors based on securities. The equities help with the evaluation of possible risks and future performances associated with the stocks, treasuries, and bonds. Before giving out loans, equities must first evaluate the investments, any loans from banks, the value of bonds and the number of shares to be used as security. Different investments often require platforms that will enable the people giving out loans to have the correct information before lending out. Equities holdings have led to the heads of several companies know the right strategies when dealing with liquidities.

Equities First Holding is known to be a global leader in giving and providing finances in countries like London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Perth. Equities have helped companies have access to global business funds to promote their business options and attract more customers. Through the investments, companies can comfortably look for better investors. The equities’ will also help in the expansion of the small enterprise companies. The development of such companies will also include an understanding of the liquidity opportunities.

. Michael Gove has been of the liberal view that financial inability should not be used to limit small startup companies. The strengths of England companies should not be determined by the profits and losses made. One of the major messages purported is the right of freedom not being violated by the government in power. He also stated that Equities First Holdings have given out loans in circumstances where banks have refused to lend out money.

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