Fundamental Information about Betsy’s Work Experience

Betsy was born in 1958 to her able parents; Elsa and Edgar, who were entrepreneurs with a conspicuously high standing. She went ahead to pursue her bachelors’ degree in Arts from Calvin College. Apparently, DeVos had a particular liking for politics and has taken part in Michigan Republican Party since 1982. She served several positions while there among them being; local precinct delegate, national committeewoman, chairperson and at some point an editor of the ‘Inside Michigan Politics’ bulletin. Again in 2003, she sought the presidents’ position, and sure enough, she qualified unopposed.

Betsy DeVos’ Charitable Works

Betsy and her husband Dick founded a charitable organization in 1989 and had since been channeling their million dollars towards its growth. They are strong in Christian beliefs, most likely reason that has made President Trump get inclined towards her. As per the tax records, in 2015 the couple donated over $10 million to a variety of organizations and went ahead to pledge even more, to be given in years to come. Among the benefiting organizations include; The Partnership for Educational Justice, Success Academy Charter Schools, The Potter’s House, Conservative organizations as well as various other colleges and universities across the country.

Why Betsy DeVos Deserves an Influential Position in Education Sector

I find it saddening that Barbara Miner could publish an article reprimanding Betsy. She alleges that Betsy is after introducing a voucher program to replace the current “democratically controlled public schools” system. There is so much elusiveness in the said allegations considering that the system is run by civil servants, and not necessarily democratically controlled. Again the system in use operates on goals that have the least interest of the children, which is probably the reason why survey shows that most color communities support vouchers. I find Betsy being the ideal person to handle the position of US education secretary. Apparently, as long as a school meets the states’ standards, use of vouchers should not be restricted. Check this related article from


No doubt Betsy is an iron woman who is passionate for God. Having been in politics has taught her to be resilient. I am confident that she has accumulated a lot of leadership qualities following the various positions she has served. As at now, she feels greatly honored to serve in the president Trump’s regime. Her passion is unstoppable, and the zeal unrelenting. At no point will DeVos stoop low or shy from any office, however influential. She is an epitome of resilience. When Betsy talks of vouchers, I know that her motive is positive, especially towards the children. It is only this month that she assumed office and I cannot wait for the transformation she will bring in the education sector. Folllow Betsy on Twitter

Thor Halvorssen Stops at Nothing to Defend Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York. The Foundation has a 12-member team which works tirelessly to identify cases of tyrannical governance and corruption. They limelight on dictators who violate the rights of opposition groupings and those who considered as rebels.

HRF published a report in 2008 exposing illegal practices by the Bolivian government such as lashing, lynching, hanging and stoning of people in the name of Communal Justice.

In 2012, HRF urged Urban Outfitters in Cuba to reconsider the production of Che Guevara apparel label in respect of thousands who died in the Cuban revolution and for the millions who still endure the oppressive system.

Halvorssen has also influenced the political activities in many countries. HRF wrote to the Ecuadorian President seeking the release of Governor Guadalupe. The Foundation felt that her imprisonment was politically motivated. After extensive campaigns, Guadalupe was freed and re-elected in Orellana as Governor in 2009.

After the Russian Orthodox Church’s endorsement of Putin for re-election in Russia, a movement called Pussy Riot protested at the Cathedral of Christ in Moscow. The police arrested three women. HRF report that Russia had violated the standard of freedom of expression in Europe. Russian authorities arrested the HRF Chairman in Moscow during the trial.

Thor Halvorssen in the Film Industry

The HRF funded and produced The Sugar Babies (2007), a documentary which exposed how the Dominican Republic brought African slaves from Haiti to work in sugar plantations. It revealed how deplorable the working conditions and living standards of the slaves were.

In 2015, the HRF facilitated a 10,000 copies balloon drop of a censored version of the movie The Interview to North Korea. The film belittles the country’s dictatorial leader very crudely. The HRF had also financed earlier balloon drops of TV Shows, movies, books, and pamphlets which the government would not allow.