End Citizens United Files Complaint against Rick Scott

The history of politics minimizes America is a history of firsts. While the United States of America may not be the very first democracy that has ever been in existence on the planet Earth, it has definitely become one of the most prominent ones to have ever existed. In 2010 there was a controversial decision made by the highest level of courts in the in of states of America, the Supreme Court, that has allowed the elimination of regulations that once existed in place to limit the influence of individuals who had incredibly large sums of money on politics. This Supreme Court decision is known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commision. After this decision was made by the Supreme Court grassroots activism was spurred in the United of America. This grassroots activism eventually culminated in the creation of a new political action committee known as End Citizens United. End Citizens United has gone on to become one of the most significant forces in politics in the United States of America.

End Citizens United is funded to sold through grassroots activism methodologies. They have publicly endorsed a number of candidates for political office that they believe are champions of campaign-finance reform. End Citizens United is focused on the elimination of the influence of big money in politics. Over the last several years they have generated over $30 million in campaign donations and have used these donations in order to fund the campaigns of politicians who have sworn off the acceptance of donations from corporate political action committees. In addition, this grassroots activist political action committee has also developed a legal strategy in order to attack individuals that they believe are using the current system of political campaign finance.

One example of this political strategy is the recent complaint that was filed by the organization against the politician Rick Scott. Rick Scott has run for political office and has accepted an incredibly large sum of donations from a political action committee. The problem with this is that political action committee which she has accepted donations from has previously existing ties with him. If this is true, then it presents a potential conflict of interest that will eventually lead to some serious issues. In effect, this organization is attempting to create a complete Reformation of the political campaign financing strategy that is currently in existence of the United States of America.

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End Citizens United: Fighting Money and Power in Politics

End Citizens United is a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to reforming campaign finance by combatting the devastating effects of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Citizens United v. FEC. This grassroots organization is fighting to reverse the impact of corporate special interest groups in politics while working towards legally ending the unlimited influence that the wealthy elite have over elected officials.

History of Citizens United

In 2008, the conservative political action committee or super PAC, known as Citizens United, sought to air a negative 90-minute campaign ad about Hillary Clinton. The ad was to be aired before and during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries. However, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) determined that federal law prohibited corporations from disseminating television or radio ads 30 days before a primary and required that all funding sources be revealed.

But in 2010, in a highly controversial decision, the Supreme Court overturned a federal ruling that upheld the FEC’s position. The court determined that the tenets of the law conflicted with the U.S. Constitution and violated freedom of speech. The consequences of that ruling have had a corrosive effect on the landscape of politics in the United States.

Corrosion of Campaign Finance

Eight years later, there has been an explosion in campaign spending. Billions of dollars, also known as “dark money,” flow into super PACs by anonymous corporate donors to ensure that one single candidate is elected. Trust in how government functions has eroded as candidates and elected officials are beholden to big business while the concerns of average Americans are ignored.

Plan of Action

End Citizens United has adopted a multilayered process in combatting the effects of the shocking 2010 court ruling. They’re committed to supporting candidates who make campaign finance reform a priority while working to reverse the court’s decision. In opposition to the unlimited money funneled into politics through super PACs, they use a digital platform for grassroots fundraising. This strategy engages donors personally and fosters long-term relationships based on a common goal while assisting candidates who refuse corporate donations.

Moving Forward

Although most congressional Republicans and the current administration have shown little interest in reforming campaign finance, there is a growing awareness among Americans about the negative impact of corporate special interest groups in politics. Government should work for the people rather than bend to the will of wealthy elites. End Citizens United stands collectively with local activists in reforming campaign finance and reversing the corrosive effect of money and power in politics.

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Meet the Group Helping Democrats End Citizens United in 2018

As the 2018 midterms rapidly approach, Democrats have been searching for the issue that will help them connect with frustrated voters tired of corruption and big money controlling politics. With dozens of new outrages from the Trump administration to grapple with every day, how can they keep focused on a singular message? One group thinks they have the answer: End Citizens United.

Citizens United was a 2010 ruling by the Supreme Court that set America’s campaign finance laws on fire by giving corporations the same right of free speech as American citizens. Since its passage, big money donors like the Waltons and the Koch brothers have funneled unknowable hordes of dark money into political races all over the country. By bombarding viewers with constant attack campaigns and misleading political propaganda, Citizens United has helped concentrate political power in the hands of a small group of elite donors with no virtually no limits on their ability to disguise their true agenda.

To completely overturn Citizens United would require a constitutional amendment. While difficult, it is a goal supported by organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Center for Political Accountability, the League of Women Voters, and The Sunlight Foundation. Polls also show that an overwhelming majority of Americans support overturning Citizens United. Democrats seized on this opportunity by adding a Citizens United reversal to the 2016 Democratic Party platform, but End Citizens United wants to help them make that plank a reality.

Led by president Tiffany Muller, former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s deputy political director, the group has set an ambitious goal of $35M to elect Democrats dedicated to improving campaign finance laws. Eschewing money from big corporate donors, they follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama, Howard Dean, and Bernie Sanders by relying on grassroots fundraising and technology-enabled political activism.

With a donor base of of over 380,000 members, End Citizens United is optimistic about their chances. They’ve doubled their staff and have already endorsed 130 candidates for the 2018 midterms. With Donald Trump’s historically low poll numbers and anti-Republican activism so high, they believe now is the time for Democrats to change the balance of power in Washington and state governments to counterbalance the big money advantage the Citizens United ruling gave Republicans.

If Democrats are willing to show voters they stand for something, they might just be able to pull off a blue wave. Targeting big money in campaigns might just be what gets them there.

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End Citizens United: Standing For Big Goals For The 2020 Elections

There is currently a lot of unrest in the American government currently owing to the Republican Party and the laws and policies that they are trying to enforce. People are now realizing just how much of a terrible situation they are in as a result of the political party being in power, and want to bring about change. Unfortunately, most people in the country feel like they do not have a say in matters of the state because they are not rich and influential members of society. While this is not entirely false, this is not the way a democracy should function. A democracy is meant to be a government that is by the people, and for the people, but when that is taken away, the country faces a great deal of turmoil which needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Political action committees have come as a saving grace in this trying time, and have been working to once again establish order in the country through the proper enforcement of laws that the people want to adhere to and see as fit for the nation. End Citizens United is one such organization that has been working hard to reach their goals of once again establishing transparency in the government. The group has received nationwide support from people who resonate with the thoughts and goals that End Citizens United has put into place. The organization has been making great progress in bringing issues to light, and has been trying its best to resolve them, or at least point out to the government the best way to tackle it. End Citizens United is precisely what the country needs in these hard times.

Recently, the organization uncovered a major corruption scandal in the government. According to their research, they found that the ads that were being aired on Facebook, telling the people of America to vote for the Republican Party were being funded by a Russian organization. A few years ago, a law was passed to curtail the spending of foreign nationals in political parties. However, this discovery shed light on the fact that the Republican Party was, in fact, doing this during the Presidential campaign, which they claim to have done through a loophole in the law, making it perfectly legal. However, this sheds light on a much more significant issue, which is Russia’s involvement with the political party and in the government of America. There have been speculations in the past about this, but never has the evidence to it been so prominent. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united click here.

End Citizens United’s ultimate goal is to help the Democratic Party win the 2020 elections because the party holds that they are the better choice to lead the nation.