Omar Boraie Helps New Brunswick Thrive

The company Boraie Development LLC and its president Omar Boraie are the main reason why New Brunswick, New Jersey is the living and thriving metropolis that is today.

Omar Boraie has wanted to create New Brunswick after the European cities that he fell in love with during his travels. When he arrived back in the United States and explained this vision to corporate leaders, they only laughed at his dream. While these were bright businessmen, they were not visionaries like Omar Boraie. They cannot see into the future the way he could. However, now that four decades of past, Omar Boraie has proved them all wrong.

According to, Omar Boraie has used his real estate company, Boraie Development LLC, to build up New Brunswick to become a hotbed of activity. During the last three decades, he has invested $150 million into the city so that it could begin attracting businesses and jobs. These investments have built up both commercial and residential sectors in the city’s real estate. You will never find this on the company’s official website, but when you look at the article on, you’ll discover that Omar Boraie has not kept single penny of profit from this $150 million worth of investments.

Sam Boraie knew that if New Brunswick were to grow, he would need to accomplish four goals. He would need to make New Brunswick a place where families would like to build a home. He would need to bring businesses to the area to create jobs. He would need to keep the current businesses staying in the city. Lastly, he needed to bring professional services so that New Brunswick was a robust community.

Omar Boraie was able to create a community atmosphere in many ways. One way was by partnering with Central Jersey Working Moms. Omar Boraie donated to them so that they could provide the community with seven nights of free Disney animated movies to the community.

Omar Boraie also spent time making New Brunswick more appealing to businesses. He did this by building class A real estate office space. This was so that counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, and lawyers would all have the appropriate office space they needed. For more details visit Bloomberg.

He then wprked with corporations in the area, such as Johnson and Johnson, to stay in the community so that they could provide jobs. This helped New Brunswick become a more robust area.

Todd Lubar on why Baltimore’s real estate sector will be huge

Baltimore City, popularly known as the Charm City is growing rapidly owing to the demographic shift that is taking place in the area. As of today, many young professionals have moved to Baltimore in search of affordable housing units. According to real estate investor Todd Lubar, the demographic shift happening in the area have been crucial in transforming the fortunes of this city. Baltimore has suffered in the past from loss of population, but it is now gaining back. Although many people who live in the city are not looking to settle permanently, the demand for housing units has gone up. Real estate investors believe that the infrastructural development that is happening in the city will most likely influence the future of the city. Once the young professionals settling in Baltimore have stabilized in their jobs, they will be looking to purchase housing units where they can settle permanently.

The real estate sector in the region has gained sufficiently in terms of the development of condominiums and apartments. These are the housing units that favor the current generation of young professionals. Many new housing units have been constructed. There has also been an increase in the rehabilitation works, mainly for the old buildings in the city. These buildings are being turned into apartments.

With the recent changes that are happening in the area, there has been an improvement in the business operations in the city. Many firms and businesses are coming to Baltimore to set up their operations. Their target is mainly the young generation who want fancy things that are appealing to the modern lifestyle. Recreational facility and hospitality facilities have been on the increase in the area. The city has also caught up with the recent developments and has been doing very well in terms of startup businesses that are set up.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an experienced real estate investor in Maryland. He is one of the people who believe that Baltimore real estate sector will be huge in coming days. With his experience of more than 20 years in the real estate industry, he is likely to make accurate predictions of Baltimore.

Todd is the founder of TDL Ventures. His work is to help real-estate investors access the best services related to credit and financing. Visit his Facebook page to see more.

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George Soros: Creating a Liberated and Equal Society

One of the most influential businessmen today is George Soros. He was born in Hungary and had to endure the Second World War as a young boy. His ethnicity is Jewish, and during the occupation of Hungary, his family managed to evade the Nazis who are pursuing Jews in order for them to be executed on concentration camps. The horrors of war have been implanted on the mind of the young George Soros, and he vowed to change the world one day if he managed to get the chance. When the war is over, George Soros headed to London to study, and after he graduated, he immigrated to the United States. He had a very difficult life overseas at first, but he managed to adapt, and used the skills he learned in school to create a business and invest in so many things. His fortune came when he established a fund, and everything happened so fast that he was already making millions of dollars. These millions would soon turn into billions, and his financial empire would soon taking over smaller corporations and acquiring other firms. He then managed to set up satellite offices around the world, and the sheer number of profit coming into his personal wealth resulted to him being named as one of the most successful investors in history. Learn more about George at Biography.

And then, George Soros remembered the war he has witnessed as a child. The horrors of it flashbacked into his memory, and he have seen how inequality became evident in the world. Discrimination is prevalent, racism still exists, and inequalities are noticeable with the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. There is also oppression happening all throughout the world, with different governments persecuting their own people who are trying to fight for change. The present condition of society has contributed to his eagerness that these negativities must come to an end. He created the Open Society Foundations, which aims to connect groups and organizations around the world who has the same objective as he do – to push for a world where there is no discrimination, and everyone is equal. This foundation has helped a lot of people, especially those who are considered to be society’s outcasts. George Soros has given over $12 billion to support these groups, who are doing the best that they can to promote equality, especially for states that have oppressive governments. George Soros is very positive that despite his old age, he will still be able to see the fruits of his labor, and that he would wake up one day to see that everyone is living in perfect harmony full of love towards each other.

Aside from him supporting groups and organizations under the Open Society Foundations, he is also actively participating in philanthropic activities. He is giving away scholarships to deserving children across the globe, and has given some of his fortune to charities and researches that would benefit the lives of everyone. Visit to know more about George.


Getting A Profitable Day Started With Lori Senecal

Each person has a different way of getting their day. Not all of them are helpful to the person. Some people have a harder time starting off because of the way they get their day going. However, this could because of their way to get their day going. Then there are some people who start the day off in a good way and spend the rest of the day being productive. Among the examples of more productive people is Lori Senecal. She is very organized in different aspects of her life. She is especially organized when it comes to her career. More details can be found on Adweek.

For advertising, it is important for people to be focused on the project. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are able to get their mind in the right state so that they can focus on the tasks that need to get done. However, it can be hard for people who live a sedentary lifestyle. Lori Senecal makes sure that she starts the day off with a little bit of physical activity to get her blood flowing. For one thing, this brings about a greater sense of confidence and mental clarity. This helps with the efficiency of getting the job done for her clients.

When someone is very focused and clear when she is at work, she gains a lot of trust from her clients. Therefore, they are going to want to do business with her more, especially if they have the results they desire and beyond. Lori Senecal makes sure that she is working fast on the projects that her clients bring her so that they will be able to keep supporting their company and serving their customers. Lori Senecal manages to bring some really interesting ads from various genres to her clients. The results are always what they hope for.