Tammy Mazzocco on Ohio’s Rising Real Estate Market

Ohio’s real estate market continues to rise at an increasing rate. According to Tammy Mazzocco, real estate agent, this is the ideal time to sell in the Ohio area. The average selling price of a condo in Ohio is almost 200,000 dollars. That is a significant increase from just the past year alone, and these values continue to rise with no end in sight. There have been very few stalls and dips in the Ohio market within the past few years.

There is new construction scheduled to be completed within the year. 240 new homes will be built in the New Albany, Ohio area and this project is expected to bring even greater value to the housing market. This will lead to a new community that will continue to grow, thrive, and most importantly, attract new home buyers.

Currently, the cost of living in Ohio is much lower than most other places in the United States. The public school is Ohio is known to be very impressive and produce great results. In fact, they are recognized nationally as one of the best public school in the United States. Additionally, the job market is growing very quickly in Ohio and it is relatively easy to secure a middle class job in that area. You can visit Yelp to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco is an experienced real estate agent in the Ohio area. She previously worked with Mike Zelnik, well known realtor, before getting her license. Tammy Mazzocco achieved her real estate license in 1995 after being convinced to try it out by a manager of Scotland Yard.

Tammy Mazzocco then went on to become a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni, an impressive RE/MAX producer. This led Mazzocco to pursue real estate a full-time career. She now sells residential properties in the Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield countries.