How Cotemar strives to be Productive and Sustainable

Cotemar is a Mexican business that has majored in offering marine transportation to petroleum companies that own infrastructure and mines in the sea. It has specialized in providing a broad variety of solutions such as oil services, shipping of specific commodities, offshore facility development and maintenance, as well as maritime services. The company was started in 1979 and at that time if offered lodging and catering to people who were traveling in the sea. It has grown over the years, and it currently owns specialized vessels that are used in shipping oil and other materials. The firm’s services help enterprises such as Petroleos Mexicanos, which often needs offshore transport solutions.


The firm has always been dedicated to ensuring that its undertakings are environment-friendly and sustainable. It ensures that the production and utilization of petroleum are done in an efficient way. It has devoted itself to always ensuring that it utilized top-notch technology that does not intoxicate the environment. The vision of the firm is to ensure sustainability and to take part in upcoming developments in the offshore market. It has various strategies that have been created to assist it in accomplishing its objectives by involving itself in the production process.


Cotemar has been offering various essential services to the employees who work in its specialized vessels. It provides excellent cuisine, and its food courts can provide food for more than 4000 people. The company’s boats have cleaning services, laundry, and lodging. They also provide recreational facilities that help the workers to relax after having a busy day. These amenities include basketball courts, TV rooms, gyms, and social rooms. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that people who are aboard its boats get everything that they may need.


The company is served by employees who have different types of skills. It has been striving to ensure that they are comfortable by offering a working environment is conducive. This assists in making the workers more productive. Cotemar also compensates its staff members well. It conducts its business by its excellent standards and safety regulations. The employees receive privileges such as leaves and bonuses. The managers are also friendly, and they interact with the junior staff in a freeway. Cotermar has been in business for about three decades, and it has been investing in new technology that can facilitate its local and international growth. It currently owns more than 40 vessels that are customized to offer specified

Billionaires’ Club – Hussain Sajwani’s Rise to Success and Political Connection

President Donald J. Trump has come under great criticism for his perceived bias against Muslims. However, one of the President’s best friends is a Muslim and fellow billionaire: Hussain Sajwani. Here is a brief overview of Hussain Sajwani’s rise to success and his relationship with President Donald Trump.


Career History

Hussain Sajwani made a living out of the hotel and catering industry before he identified the opportunities in real estate. His main occupation was supplying foods and drinks to U.S. military forces deployed in the Middle East to keep the peace. He also supplied construction sites and other business sites that had large labor forces. Sajwani now concentrates his efforts on his real estate business, but he still retains his catering company likely for sentimental reasons.


Sajwani shifted from catering to real estate in 2002 when he identified the numerous construction opportunities in the UAE. He ventured into the industry with one piece of property that he sold and invested into constructing more property. The undeveloped nature of most regions of the UAE worked to his favor as he could buy large swathes of land at cheap prices.


The UAE has enjoyed incredibly quick growth since 2002 thanks to its decree allowing foreign investors to invest into real estate. This has worked to Hussain Sajwani’s advantage, and the investments that he made in the early 2000s have earned him billions of dollars.


Today, Hussain Sajwani has expanded his real estate investments to other countries in the Middle East as well as Europe and the U.S. through his company DAMAC Properties. His company is especially popular for giving away luxury cars to high-end clients who buy its multi-million dollar residential houses.


A Good Friend of President Donald J. Trump

Hussain Sajwani has come under the spotlight for his friendly relationship with President Donald J. Trump. The two billionaires enjoyed the New Year ceremonies in each other companies, and they identify as close family friends. They have both made their fortune from the real estate industry, and they are currently co-joined in multi-billion dollar investments in the U.S. and Europe. Hussain Sajwani maintains that he will continue doing business with the Trump Organization in spite of the unpopularity of the controversial president.