Revolutionizing Healthcare with Copa Star Hospital

Imagine of a diagnostic center that has been fitted with the latest MRI machines. Also, imagine of a neurosurgery facility that has been designed to handle difficult and complex cases while at the same time offering the patients with comfort and security. With such facilities, patients who would have flown abroad decide to stay and receive the medication locally. There is a hospital in Rio de Janeiro that is offering the highest standard of care using smart operating rooms as well as even robots. The hospital is called Copa Star Hospital and is offering services that are usually available in five-star hotels.

For instance, to understand the level of sophistication of technology being used in this institution, innovation has being incorporated to allow patients to control their immediate environment. The patients can control the lighting systems, air flow and even move the curtains. This is being implemented through the use of an app that has being downloaded to the patients’ iPad. With this iPad, the patients get to receive other information such as the MRI images and also communicate with the staff. There is a broadcast of the surrounding ocean on the screens found in this hospital. This allows the patient to relax and at the same time keep track of the cycles of day and night. Video conferencing technology has been implemented in the facility to help the patients recover from prolonged periods of isolation.

The environment within the hospital guarantees the patient that they will get better. For instance, a modern dining area within the facility has been designed and fitted with an exquisite choice of menu as well as comfortable seating. There is a main lobby within the hospital and has been fitted with artwork from notable artists. Noticeably, there is also a grand piano in the lobby. The healthy cuisine acts as an added advantage for patients who want to recover in the most natural way. This sets aside the Hospital from other hospitals within the area. Plans to expand the hospital to other regions are underway, and the first hospital outside Rio de Janeiro will be built in Sao Paulo or Brasilia.

The hospital has a huge social media presence and draws a lot of traffic on the same. The facility uses these pages to keep their followers updated on the latest updates from the hospital. The hospital has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Copa Star Hospital is owned by the D’Or networks and has Rodrigo Gavina as their executive director. For the good services that they are currently offering, the Copa Star Hospital is threatening to run other hospitals within the area out of business. Another thing to note with the hospital is that it provides special training for its staff.

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Online Reputation Management Strategies To Boost Performance Of Your Business

Marketing your business online has its share of challenges but once the market responds, this is the best platform for creating awareness. There are many openings online that one can tap into and if the strategy applied is perfect, there will be little interruptions in the running of a business. However, not every person who runs an online-based business understands the strategies that can work to protect and built their reputation.

Getting the right information is the first step to managing the reputation of a business online. You should apply tips that will guarantee returns and keep your business moving. Managing reputation is a process that takes effort and sacrifice, so you need to invest both your time and energy toward the process. Below are some of the things that can help to strengthen the reputation of your business.

Search engine optimization

Appearing on the first page of search engines means many people are interested in the products you offer and that the content you update is optimized well to rank for certain keywords. If you are not good at SEO, there are many reputable companies like IC Media Direct review that can help your business to rank well by optimizing your website and content for SEO.

Create presence on social media

Many businesses that have tried social media understand the power the platform holds. There is a lot that one can get from social media if a good strategy is applied. First, social media offers a wide pool of customers and potential customers and the good part is that people regularly log on to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Secondly, with over 1 billion users, you can take advantage of these numbers to clean the reputation of your business. Social sites offer you a way to connect with many people and share vital information about your business.

Regularly update your site

You don’t want users to complain about speed or security when they come to your website. Update to match the most recent properties of websites so you can offer users the best experience and value for their money while browsing for products.


A Look in the Life of New Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Billionaire couple Betsy and Dick Devos are known for their philanthropic activities. The Devos family has spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding the campaigns of Republican presidents over the years. Apart from that, the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, founded in 1989, has contributed millions of dollars to various charitable activities. Looking at the choices the family makes regarding the institutions they choose to offer financial support, it is easy to note that they are conservatives (politically). One of the things they have supported for many years is education. One of the recent activities was the $400,000 donated to Loudspeaker Media Inc., with the intention of helping former CNN journalist Campbell Brown launch the 74, her education website. The foundation also added $400,000 in support of Brown’s The Partnership for Educational Justice, a non-profit organization.

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A Christian school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, received $200,000 from the Devos family foundation in 2015. In an interview with philanthropy roundtable, Betsy Devos said that a visit to the school decades ago encouraged her to continue advocating for school choice. The foundation gave $100,000 to Alliance for school choice, a non-profit organization which works with the American Federation for Children. Betsy recently stepped down as the chairperson of the group. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation is also a beneficiary of the Devos family foundation. The College has an arts management institute named after the Devos family and received $500,000. An institution which offers undergraduate certificates in aircraft maintenance, the School of Missionary Aviation Technology also received $150,000 with another $100,000 already approved. The institution is a religious one, its purpose being: ‘to equip men and women to serve God in mission Aviation.’ The foundation also gave $250,000 to the John. F Kennedy Center for performing arts, a group in which Betsy Devos once served on the board.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, chose Betsy Devos as his education secretary. Better known as a philanthropist and a Republican activist, she is a strong advocate of school choice. 58-year-old Betsy Devos served as the Chairwoman of the Republican Party (1996-2000) in her native Michigan. She is the head of Windquest group, an investment management company which has its headquarters in Michigan. Trump praised her activities saying that Betsy was a brilliant education advocate and her appointment would mean a bright future for America’s children. Devos is currently the chair of Great Lakes Education Project. She is also the head of the American Federation for Children which provides families with access to good schools via private school choice. Devos had a religious upbringing, being born to parents who were members of the Christian Reformed Church. She is married to Dick Devos, who was the former chief executive officer of Amway. Visit her website:

Adam Milstein Vows to Continue His Philanthropic Work after Prestigious Recognition from the Jerusalem Post

Adam Milstein, a Jewish-American real estate investor, has been included in Jerusalem Post’s 50 most influential Jewish Figures. The list was compiled from global Jewish figures whose efforts made a positive impact globally in the last one year and can potentially effect change for years to come.

At number 39, Adam Milstein was recognized for his leadership endeavors as chairman and co-founder of Israeli-American Council. He is also a prominent activist, philanthropist, and leader in numerous Jewish organizations.

Milstein said that he was humbled by the recognition from Jerusalem Post and that he was honored to have been selected alongside other remarkable Jewish leaders. He added that he was grateful to his wife, the IAC, and all the other organizations he has partnered with over the past years.

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which safeguards and strengthens the Jewish state and people by igniting national pride in younger generations. It provides pro-Israel Americans with much-needed knowledge and expertise required to advocate for Jewish rights and strengthen the US – Israel alliance. Adam said that his foundation would continue to support projects that empower the Jewish community.

Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a U.S. businessman, real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist of Jewish origin. He was raised in Israel and served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He later attended Technion and graduated in 1978. After migrating to the United States with his wife, Gila Milstein, Adam got his MBA from USC.

Today, Adam Milstein is one of the managing partners of Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate firm. He is also active in numerous philanthropic causes. He is the National Chairman of Israeli-American Council in charge of the organization’s expansion strategy. Adam serves as a board member of numerous organizations including Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, Israel on Campus Coalition, and AISH Los Angeles.

The Success of Jason Halpern

Of the many real estate developers, investors, as well as agents within this competitive industry, one individual in particular that stands out within real estate is Jason Halpern, an expert within the real estate industry and a well respected developer who has worked hard in developing his real estate firm that has helped his loyal clients in finding the perfect spot that has fit their exact needs. Jason Halpern is specifically the proud owner as well as the proud current partner of a real estate developing firm that is known as JMH Development, a real estate developing firm that is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to please the clients of the firm. This real estate development firm specializes in large scale projects for both residential areas as well as for commercial projects. When it comes to dedication and to hard working, the efforts of Jason Halpern are efforts that cannot be matched by any other individual within the real estate industry.

jason halpern
jason halpern

What sets this company apart from other real estate developing companies across the United States is the fact that this company specifically caters to innovation and constantly looks for ways to create a new property that has a high market value and that is set a part from any other real estate property. Currently, this company specializes in creating unique properties in areas such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, as well as within Miami Beach.  With this in mind, the fact that JMH Development continues to grow within these competitive regions is a testament to the integrity as well as the excellent services that this company offers.


JMH Development stands out to the clients that wish to find and to build property due to the fact that they truly feel like partners of the company and not like clients. At JMH Development, individuals have given excellent reviews to the management of this firm because they feel as though they are truly listened to and feel as though they receive quality and unique treatment.

jason halpern
jason halpern

What makes Jason Halpern a unique individual is the fact that he is a third generation real estate developer who knew the business even bore entering a formal system of education. Jason Halpern knows how to grow a business and knows how to please the clients who are loyal to his company. With a passion for building and for creating homes in historical districts, this individual is able to preserve history while combining it with modernization.


A Review Of Don Ressler And His Contribution Towards Building JustFab

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has featured in several successful businesses, some of which he launched while in others he partnered with different experts like Adam Goldenberg. He has been in the online world as an entrepreneur for more than one decade and the solutions he has delivered have streamlined the shopping experience of different people. Don Ressler began his journey as an entrepreneur when he launched

It is during this stage that he was able to learn about the industry trough trials and failures. He operated Fitness Heaven for few years before he sold the company over to Intermix Media in 2001. While initiating the transaction, he came across Adam Goldenberg, who was working at Intermix as their COO. Adam Goldenberg had similar dreams and aspirations as Ressler, so they decided to partner to build their next business together.

The duo worked together and after several sessions of brainstorming and planning, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to launch Alena Media, a company that would offer marketing and management services to businesses. The company performed well beyond their expectations and they were able to make huge profits from its advertising division.

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This retail company just changed its name

Understanding that they had special skills that would help them to build their online advertising practice, they decided to try out online retails where they could sell products directly while doing the marketing for themselves. This saw the birth of Intelligent Beauty, a company that offers beauty and fitness products. Launched in 2008, Intelligent Beauty has proved to be one of the most profitable businesses they ever run.

JustFab/ TechStyle Fashion Group
In 2010, Don Ressler and Goldenberg founded an online subscription retail that would offer adult fashion products. At inception, there was a lot needed to steer the company to its glory, so they borrowed $33 million from Matrix Ventures to finance the establishment of the business. The first round of funding served their plans well and in 2012, they decided to go for additional $76 million that would help in the expansion of the business to enter the Canadian, German and the UK markets.

To expand the business further, JustFab bought over FabKids, a subscription retail that stocks children fashion products. Despite the similarity in the names, the two companies did not have previous association.

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Eric Pulier’s Passion to Serve and Solve Humanity’s Grand Challenges

Eric Pulier is among the most prominent and successful investors in enterprise and government technology. Leading venture capital group across the globe have funded firms founded or co-founded by Eric Pulier. These companies consist of media presentation (Media Platform), virtual desktops (Desktone), and enterprise cloud management (ServiceMesh). As a venture capitalist,Eric Pulier has invested in nonprofit organizations and venture capital funds, including Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures, as well as eCompanies. He has supported numerous seed Level startups in technology and media sector – most of them have become successful.


Eric Pulier is an alumnus of Teaneck High School. He studied Computer Science, American Literature & English, and Environmental Studies and Visual at Harvard University. However, he chose to specialize in the specialty of American Literature and English. Pulier had a rigorous schedule comprised of attending classes and writing a weekly column called PulierLeg that was usually published on Harvard Crimson Weekly. Additionally, he was responsible for editing the magazine.

Pulier: a committed philanthropist

Pulier has turned out to be an authority in the world of charity. His major goal is to solve social challenges that needy communities and physically disabled children throughout the World faces. He utilizes technology to try to improve the quality of education, healthcare, and eradicate poverty. Immediately after venturing into philanthropy world, Pulier came up with a multimedia educational program that enlightened individuals with Multiple Sclerosis concerning the disease. His project pioneered the capability to take advantage of home computers for incredible multimedia educational experience and comprised of an exterior beam device that allowed users without enough motor control for Keyboard to use it for answering quizzes and operating the system.

The foundation is on the verge of developing several technological processes such a micro-transaction system to facilitate the effective supply of clean drinking water and development of HIPPA compliant registration system. It is also teaming up with HeroX to sponsor competitions for technology, which can develop innovative solutions for humanitarian challenges across the globe.

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Why Don Ressler Is Among Celebrated Entrepreneurs Across The World

Don Ressler is a world celebrated entrepreneur whose mastery at nurturing startups has seen him attract young professionals looking for guidance on matters business and entrepreneurship. He boasts of several strong businesses that have dominated different online markets for years and his passion for building startups continues as he grows his empire. For more than one decade, he has been responsible for the establishment of several businesses that have earned him popularity for the success he has attained.

Ressler’s first attempt at business was when he launched, a company that specialized in the sale of products ideal for fitness and health. His venture performed well in the initial years and he was motivated to dive deeper into other ideas. He sold the company in 2001 and went about looking for a perfect idea that could accommodate his zeal for success in the online arena. Few months later, he Adam Goldenberg and they started working on their partnership on The duo began with the establishment of Alena Media, a company that stood out for offering reliable marketing services.

Few years down the line, Alena Media had earned millions and they thought it was time to raise funds for their next move. News Corp showed interest in buying Alena, so in 2005, they approved the deal and decided to focus their energy on other ideas that could create a global brand.

Establishing Intelligent Beauty
After a long session of brainstorming, Adam and Don Ressler decided to venture into beauty and health. They, therefore, established Intelligent Beauty in 2008, a company that has been growing continually and offering solutions in both beauty and weight loss. The SENSA brand of Intelligent Beauty offers weight loss products while DERMASTORE stocks skin care and cosmetic products.

About JustFab
Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg moved on with their motivation and energy and in 2010, they invested in the establishment of JustFab, a fashion outlet that allows membership and a subscription system on The retail has grown and become one of the most preferred online fashion retail across Europe.

JustFab has experienced tremendous growth for the few years they have been in business. Some of the achievements they have made include the acquisition of other businesses like FabKids, which although having similar names are operated independently.

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